Silence of the Heart

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The Silence of the Heart Dialogues

The Silence of the Heart Dialogues

Robert Adams is a globally renowned Illumined Master Teacher teaching four decades, a rare Teacher revered in both ancient orthodox and contemporary spiritual traditions throughout the world as the sole American Master Teacher of this century. His famed Live Discourses are transmitted in the international spiritual Classic, Silence of the Heart. His warm gentle humor, unique contemporary sensibilities and un compromised purity of Illumination have touched hearts and transformed lives in spontaneous joy, internationally.

Robert Adams, The Father of Awareness, introduced The ETERNAL NOW with the art of compassionate gentle self inquiry to the West at large, then largely unknown. "This has been my experience. Try it and see if it works for you. Bliss is your birthright. You are omniscient love, compassion. The Universe lies waiting in sweet repose for you to discover who you really are. Spread sunshine to all. Acquire a sense of brotherhood."


Tender Personal Experiences Shared by Worldwide Students with Robert Adams

"Again, I speak from the Ultimate Truth. Yet, until you are abiding in the Ultimate Truth, it behooves you to engage in that which awakens Truth." Silence of the Heart



“Many moments were transformed into a deep stillness that perfectly emitted the most needed message. I was actually present at this well known afternoon that made a profound impression on us all. It distinguished the Sages clear position on things important- because Robert, although very ‘cool’, in understanding of modern society- is substantial in the timeless spiritual ethics of behavior and common civility. This may not seem important, but it is essential in noticing that a teacher is, on the deepest level, in accordance with true spirituality. I found that this is the same throughout the long lasting spiritual texts, regardless of the trends of the moment. Robert says "Your true spiritual stature is revealed by the words that come out of your mouth, your real thoughts, your actions to others. Everything else is dry head knowledge.”

Many, as I did, originally misunderstood this to mean being coolly passive in the face of suffering or borderline unfairness. After all, if we don’t reflect what we are claiming to follow, what use is it to us or anyone else when we are alone with ourselves, in pain, in need? Now more than ever, I hold this yardstick of his personal substance- adherence to always kind behavior, as the revealer of ‘stature’. Particularly now, for those of us in disbelief at the trend of ever new ‘satsang givers’ stating that though psychosis or depression illumination came, devoid of any spiritual training or sacrifice. This is unheard of in India or any valid religion where deep transmutation of the heart is required.

Robert simply observes that today, anyone practicing a little self inquiry establishes themselves as a teacher instead of knowing God. I really solidified cloudy generalizations of vague impersonalism and misunderstandings like these when you observe how the teacher draws solid boundaries as Robert displayed this one afternoon. We get the urgency to filter the gold from the dust.

After Robert Adams, it is very difficult to attend anything else other than his path. There is another aspect to introduce that afternoon. Robert himself quietly observed a mental mirage engulfing spiritual circles. Erudite pundits, saying “I am Consciousness”, yet “will not give someone a ride home from satsang’, open the door or give their seat to a woman, step up when a girl, innocent bystander, animal or child is being treated poorly.

Now Robert enlightened a lot of us who arrived from some pretty cold, unnurtured backgrounds, believing to be ‘detached’ or spiritual, above the rest of the world, when in actuality, deep psychological wounds and loneliness needed to be resolved. With this explanatory set in mind, it was the afternoon of a gathering, or ‘meeting’ as Robert called it. It was in his later years in Los Angeles. He spoke to a different audience from his former audiences of Indian teachers and families in temples, etc.

Here, in Hollywood, someone offered their home and we were gathering and being seated, almost all single adults well versed in what Robert explains as ‘seeking many teachers and groups, practices and retreats, yet never having a direct experience of God. Not choosing one path and taking it all the way to the end.” Many people recount this afternoon. This is what I observed.

Suddenly there was a hush and a feeling of something unusual occurring. The quiet talking had stopped, the seats had stopped being moved in rearrangement. Robert, who had never in several years said or done anything other than speak in a soft voice, encourage, comfort and soothe others, listening endlessly and patiently to their sorrows, life predicaments, and asking about the well being of their families, suddenly firmly said ‘No.’ I looked up to see him turn and smile at a young child with the deepest of tenderness as if his own, patting them on the shoulder and reassuring their scared expression. “Here. You sit here in the front where you like.” He looked at the man who had just scolded the confused child and told him to get up off of the chair and go away to give it to an adult, as if the mere presence of the child was a needless hindrance.

Then Robert did something even more defined. “The child was sitting there first. You sit in the back.” he said to the man who had scared /scolded the child, as we all watched wordlessly. In many many years that was the only time I observed Robert ever spoke such. Of course, it was barely above a whisper, but the definitiveness, boldness, and commitment to defending and protecting someone in an environment that had absolutely no ‘reward’ for doing so, no purpose or logical reason to stop the flow in the room, showed one thing. That which is lacking in grabbing the ‘icing off the cake’ of ancient spiritual teachings without diving into the true substance: self awareness. There was simply nothing else to do.

Since then I have really pondered my lessons and found much that Robert said that had simply gone in one ear and out the other because it did not fit in with my embarrassingly self centered concepts of what I thought the talks were, what true advaita was, and what I liked about it. I am honest enough to say I am both embarrassed and humbled to see that many prefer to pass off ‘the kindness - selfless part” as irrelevant. In actuality, it is the core. For without that, everything is coming from selfish ego. And we fool ourselves into thinking that what our ego likes, the image of ‘being in this for years’, confidently discussing it with others, is ‘it’, rather than transforming and getting on with it. Robert made it fun without compromising anything.

Because of this, I would share with you a small section of the many, many, talks I read and re read in which Robert emphasizes this often neglected area. “This world is like the third grade. We are still learning not to hurt each other. Most people who find a teaching like this, simply add it to their ego, their intellect. And their ego gets bigger than ever. Then they use these terms to hurt one another. They say, ‘It is my Self talking to you, not me. So be quiet!’ (laughter) ‘I am enlightened now. I don’t need to help anyone.’ This is the opposite of truth. The Jnani is the first one to get in there and help. The Jnani never says, it is your karma. He keeps quiet and asks how he can help. Do not pronounce yourself to anyone, do not discuss or debate. Simply become an living embodiment of loving kindness and you will effortlessly manifest your true nature. That is all you need to focus on.”

Before that afternoon, I felt it was not my place to step in and ‘do anything’ when I saw suffering occurring. Somehow, I had come to the conclusion that I was superior to this. What happened?

Last week I stepped in when the kids on my street were throwing rocks at a stray dog. Without exploding on the children I corrected them and I brought the stray home and he is sitting here looking at me. One week later. We are a family. Simple. Perhaps not as initially impressive as sitting in front of a crowd ‘giving satsang’ to all nodding in agreement, but somehow I dare to think Robert would approve.”

John Breyer



"When I attended a talk in Sedona, it was so crowded that I stood for half of the talk until Robert saw me and insisted that the host leave and find me a seat as he paused. This was the year prior to his cessation of the teaching. None of the teachers roaming the new age town of Sedona remotely resembled Robert in wisdom or humility. He and his lovely wife were as if a plane from the Himalayas dropped a local saint down upon us. Totally uninterested in any local spiritual activities or adulation, he could be seen walking down the street of the large hilltop home they lived, hand in hand with his wife each evening, in white running shoes and white jacket, waving happily at us as we drove by. He was a town celebrity of the time.

Tour buses and limos drove by his house showing the local Sedona saint. I had no idea by his grand sensitivity to everyone that he was seriously ill and had been for many years. I guess this was because they were so selflessly maternal and paternal in the most cosmic sense. I showed up at my requested counseling appointment as his wife brought formal tea in as a surprise. Small graces go a long way. After leaving, I realized that I had lost my keys. Since I couldn’t get home, I sheepishly returned and rang their doorbell.

I knew it must be in the ashram living room overlooking the mountains. I knew that they did not see people in their home without formal appointments. It was so beautifully decorated with paintings and comfortable velvet and temple items, very well loved. “ I lost my keys.” I announced. “I umm…” Immediately, they both put on jackets and came into the cold, searching every inch of the ground and driveway for my keys. Robert walked very slowly, humming a happy tune. His wife lifted my spirits with her joie de vivre. It seemed completely natural that a world famous teacher whom people reserved appointments with years in advance, that buses reserved seats to see the saints house, would be out here scouring the ground with me for my keys in the cold assuring me that we would find them, as if I was their own. I watched my mood go from dour to light.

Then to a feeling of long craved security that I never really got. This went on in my mind until it all felt completely natural for strangers to care about me to this extent rather than get rid of me as fast as possible. This healing camaraderie went on for over forty five minutes. I seemed to be becoming lighter with every moment. A light kind of mist always trailed after Robert. It lead to a higher and higher atmosphere. Finally Robert said ‘nothing is ever lost’ and then suddenly picked up my keys off of the ground, grinning at me as the world lit up. This teacher glowed like an evening lamppost in a dark night.

I mention this because in reverie, I see so many layers occurring here that were so much more valuable to me than the formal visit was. A sense of emotional abandonment from my own parents was faced for the first time and observed, not from the heavy handed ‘confrontation’ of therapy but from the tenderness of a a angels wing. The truth that people existed who interrupted their own evening to do something for me with nothing in it for them. The action instead of words of a famous teacher who could have easily blown me off. And the healing of the child in me who experienced, just for a moment, a healthy paternal and maternal demonstration of what spiritual is. What a family is. It was intensive therapy muted by clarity. It seemed it was found when it was supposed to be, after the blessing of seeing my life. Nothing is ever lost."




On Spiritual Integrity, Honor and Correct Behavior

“Virtue Is It’s Own Reward”

There is only one Self. What you feel toward somebody else, you are feeling toward yourself. What you do to anybody else you are doing to yourself. If you help somebody else, you are helping yourself, and if you hurt somebody else, you are hurting yourself.

What your body does is karmic. It has nothing to do with you. When you realize, "I am not the body, I am not the mind, and I am not the doer," then you are safe. But as long as you think you are doing something kind for somebody, then you want a reward, you want recognition. But when you know there is only one Self, you are automatically kind to everybody. Virtue is its own reward

Robert Adams is a Jewel in a Sea of New Neo Teachers- The True Teaching for Direct Experience

It is my sheer pleasure to discover a real traditional sage that knows what it takes to humble oneself and do practices every day to really 'turn oneself inside out'. The increasingly unqualified 'satsang givers' and teachers saying one needs do nothing but be, have misunderstood the true message of the ages. They have thrown away the gold for stones. Robert shone so much love that one just knows the immense level of attainment he acquired beyond being, as many use as a reason to do no evolvement. He would look at those seeking extensive intellectual debates on terminologies and self validation as a loving father yet correct them clearly. Due to his fun and innocence, his self discipline was often missed.

Cathy Sinclair


"Remember to Remember Your Practices" Robert Adams from Remember to Remember

Not New Age Neo-Advaita,

I have been studying Advaita Vedanta for over forty years including all the traditional sources. I have not been impressed by the current crop of New Age Advaita teachers, whose teachings might be characterized as "the cult of non-practice". Such teachings may be attractive and consoling to those who wish to be congratulated for being "already realized" but not so useful to those who are truly moved to realize the true nature of self and world for real. They do have the value of introducing newbies to the fundamental conclusions of non-dualism, but the seemingly logical advice to engage in no spiritual practice has a serious flaw. This flaw is the failure to recognize or acknowledge that nearly everyone is already doing a very intense practice -- the practice of identification with a presumed separate self. All of the devastating consequences including fear, sorrow, anger and all the rest -- called "suffering" in Buddhism -- follow from this already ongoing practice. This practice is not undone by simply reading the great Advaitic conclusions and somehow "noticing" that they are true. Such noticing doesn't cut very deep into the already firmly-held conviction of separation and mortality. Those teachers who merely offer "pointers" to one's true nature delude their followers into thinking that nothing beyond noticing what is being pointed to is necessary. For awhile, at first, this may seem to "work", but soon the deeply entrenched practice of egoity and presumption of separation reasserts itself with a vengeance.

I am sorry to see Robert Adams wonderful book, "Silence of the Heart", sometimes lumped into the category of such New Age Neo-Advaita. It is actually something quite different. It is far more reflective of the strong non-dualistic teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Such traditional teachers fully understood the power of maya and did not underestimate its force. While they articulated the highest non-dualistic conclusions, they also offered potent practices to undermine the deeply encrusted egoic presumptions of aspirants. Robert Adams teaches in this same spirit. This book contains the highest wisdom that can be expressed in words along with a healthy respect for the obstacles faced by sincere aspirants. Adams offers the kind of realistic assessment and authentic practices to move beyond the limitations which have plagued us for eons, into the clear light of authentic wisdom and transcendental realization. Robert Adams was the real deal and is worthy of serious attention. Highly recommended for those who wish to move beyond the sometimes inspiring, but ultimately limited offerings of the New Age Neos.

By Donna (USA)


Robert Adams relayed hundreds of volumes of moving, extraordinary, completely extemporaneous Discourses of Truth, igniting a startling, clear remembrance of our origin of All Pervading love, amidst modern day sensibilities.

“If the end result of illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now? Emphasizing love, compassion and humility, he singularly stands apart for refusing to charge for attending his talks, humorously eschewing adulation, and his quiet dedication to humanitarian causes including the plight of homeless children, several of whom he adopted. His distinctly beautiful other worldly emanation continued to cause crowds to gather around him, requesting his singular teaching as tour buses stopped at the house of the resident saint. he accepted several dedicated groups of audiences to which he spoke only in brief public Discourses limited to once a week His life long students range from celebrities to priests, spiritual teachers to theologians, suburbanites to philanthropists.
he accepted several dedicated groups of audiences to which he spoke only in brief public Discourses limited to once a week His life long students range from celebrities to priests, spiritual teachers to theologians, suburbanites to philanthropists.

A unique example of the timeless availability of the joyful mystical experience that alleviates human suffering, his His effervescent joy and non denominational message of his personal experience transcend religious divisions, inviting us into a world of evolved perception of ‘the sun behind the clouds that does not change’. as his Teaching continues to transform lives.


The First Visit


“I first attended a gathering with the rare teacher Robert Adams during the holiday season. The friend who had advised me to attend his talks was a credible and responsible sort, a World Religions professor who explained that Robert was not of the unanchored type. Not a rambling ‘awakening’ potpourri, but a solid sort, a family man, who relayed a practical yet ‘completely astounding’ conveyance of the human journey to the spiritual understanding and experience of our bliss nature. How could I refuse the invitation? Expecting the literary religions talk that we often attended at the state college, I put on a tie and slacks and was 'good to go'. I am sure my surprise was evident when we entered the audience to see a tall, clearly refined airy seeming man warmly smiling, wearing a tall red fur Santa Clause hat with a white fur ball on top, blowing bubbles!

I soon found that any mistaking this innocent humor for fools fodder would be a great mistake. It was the thoroughly healthy humor of those who know all too well the full gravity of the walk on this earth. He displayed no sense of investment in his own “I am the leader” personality quite common at such talks. Yet at the same time, there was an air of the deep timeless, of the multidimensional shaman awareness, that was intense. We were deeply involved in the Vedanta Society at the time. The formality, structure and environment weeds out the off balanced anything -goes stratum. This achieved an open channel of spiritual force. I was surprised to find that this same sense of force was flooding from this teacher, from his very being without the outer environment.

One naturally pronamed in respect to him on entering, just from the presence of the sacred. We now continued attending for several years, occasionally still visiting the Vedanta Society out of the established bonding. Robert Adams eventually left for Sedona, where I attended once a month driving from LA. During this time I can safely say that my inner life underwent a complete metamorphosis. I realized that the previous format of attending many services and talks, discussing the precepts, had become an addiction of sorts, like Sunday church goers who are completely different people during the week. The formal ritual of attending famed authors talks had done nothing for me in overcoming inner fears, annoyances, and eagerness for competition. Roberts ‘techniques’ did. His example of a deep, almost liquid tranquility, uncommon air, and practical soundness did. In reflecting on the most revealing moments 'of the heart' of this teacher during those years, I first encountered the pain of loss. The human self feels a sadness as in losing a dear one, yet just as my own aunt in childhood appeared to me smiling after ‘dying’, I know that this is of my human heart, rather than any finality of apparent outer absence. Because of this, it took me a few days to complete this small tribute to the heart of this teacher. Three instances now come to mind.

Roberts unending patience, thoroughness, and precision in complete accordance with the school of Vedanta, while respecting the unspoken religion of the questioner when answering hundreds of 'pop quiz' type questions. This went far beyond the call of duty. He treated each questioner as if the world literally depended on them completely comprehending the answer. He insured that they would personally benefit from it. In attending philosophy and world religions conferences and authors interviews for documentary channels, I have never experienced any teacher go to this extent unless it was a personal crisis. At times I thought surely this must come to an end, this person is disrespecting him with such endless examination of the smallest subject. But Robert Adams appeared to change forms before us from a liquid fount of pure wisdom, to a precise concrete ‘reading’ of the persons being, intent, perhaps their akashic records. His answer was unexplainably addressed to them rather than the topic. For he saw that the subject was only a format for their deeper needs. So that he filled this with peace. No one left a question without a lifetime of food for thought. Unobtrusively, with clearly sincere seekers, he took a particularly caring precision and interest, never ceasing or cutting anyone off. Once I looked at him and was struck with the purity of it all. This was a truly selfless man who cared about others on the human level as God spoke through him. Similar to suddenly meeting a beautiful master child in a field of flowers, his heart revealed itself simply at that moment.

Robert did not mince his positions when speaking to anyone involved in drug or toxic substance abuse. Expecting a relaxed sense of observance rather than taking a stand, students were surprised. To one man he said, “Observe it all you want. But is this leading to stopping? You must surrender such things.” This freed many from the confusion of harmful self indulgence.

Robert treated his little dog with the respect of a king, much like the teacher Ramana Maharshi with his cow. The feeling was mutual. The confident little dog walked side by side with him, guarding him like a king. His long silky hair was kept at optimum care by his daughter. He actually exuded joy. Each morning and evening they walked together in a well manicured park. As the years went by, he grew older and when the dog could not walk for long distances, Robert actually carried him wrapped affectionately in his arms down the street and around the park on their usual route, every morning and evening for his last few years. He walked with him for many blocks in his arms. The sight made me misty eyed. Robert predicted publicly his dogs day of physical departure.

A year before. He also stated that soon after he would leave his physical form, but would still be aware of each person as he was in the form. Both events followed his predictions to the ‘t’.

Harry Gold


Create a Daily Oasis of Refreshment, Beauty and Peace

In the personal experience of gentle transformation and joyful living, committed compassion and the awakening of abiding peace , we welcome you to The Message of Love, Compassion and Humility. Potent Daily Practices of Deep Refreshment, Upliftment and Re-Creation of Your Daily Experience are offered in The Practices. Offered here are lovely unique Meditations, Techniques, and elevating timeless words (link) of Truth for beautiful daily uplift, or deeper exploration. The words offered here for your inspiration on this site are the precise, authentic Teaching of the gentle mystic beloved Robert Adams, revealing 'The Unimaginable Beauty Within."

Speaking briefly only upon the request of others, he offered profound, stunningly elevating talks to groups limited to once a week in gentle parable and direct conveyance of a selfless peace that remained with all, devoid of seeking adulation. " I can show you where the Vein of Gold is, but you must dig for it yourself. You must Remember to Remember to do your Practices every day. Otherwise you will wonder why you are not experiencing these things for yourself. The Happiness will come bubbling up."

From the Source of this refreshing Truth, his Institute continues the ancient, tradition of all events offered freely.