keloved Robert Adams is the sole American illumined spiritual teacher of over forty years that is personally confirmed in pure spiritual stature in an established ancient lineage. A unique example for modern Western life, the great teacher is an American family man residing in the suburbs, his personal experience of the ancient truths and the original path of the original pure ‘Advaita Vedanta’ make his teaching unique, sought out for decades in personal counsel and guidance by the worlds well known contemporary teachers.


The Seven Principles and Precepts of Robert Adams:

  1. Live a Life of Non-Harm. The Ancient Tradition of Ahimsa:


When I say do not react, I mean to take Right Action in accordance with the laws of correct living. Harm no living thing. Follow a life of Ahimsa. Establish as much as possible. You have no right to take the life of an animal. Your body does not require flesh to be healthy. Alleviate the suffering of others. Leave other people alone, your job is to become a living embodiment of loving kindness.”  “Live in good will, be very honest with yourself about your true motivations, your treatment of others.  While you are on this earth you are under the laws of karma. The lords of karma are always watching. The Heart of God sees all.  This is only to learn that love, peace and reconciliation of your heart is your true nature. Therefore, you must begin at the beginning. This is the required foundation to illumination.” 

  1. Dedication to the Daily Practices of Robert Adams “Diving Deeply Into God:”

Upon waking first thing in the morning, begin these practices. They are very powerful. The world will lose its hold on you. You will begin to feel the joy, the peace, the love that does not change. This is God. Within you is The Light of a Thousand Suns. But you must discover this for yourself. All true religions and faiths employ daily devotions. This is very important. Do not talk, do. Experience this Reality for yourself. Just as the sun is always shining behind the clouds, your true Self of Bliss Permeated Eternal Love is awaiting your return. The Practices allow you to easily rise to the Reality of the Supreme, that supersedes all temporal conditions. But you must make up your mind to do this every single day. You will become bright and shining. Radiant.”

Daily Practices include: 

  1. The Original Meditations of Robert Adams: The I AM Meditations. The Sage in the Heart Meditations. The Sky Meditations. The Devotional Meditations.
  2. The Assertations
  3. The Gentle Art of Robert Adams Compassionate Self Inquiry as introduced by Robert Adams
  4. Alleviation of the Suffering of Others through selfless service daily.
  5. Spiritually elevating music, chant, prayer and devotions of your faith. “Chanting makes the heart pure. It makes you holy. Humble. Do not think that you are above prayer. Pray daily.”


  1. Live The Benevolent Life 

“Live a life of Benevolence. Never pass up an opportunity to be benevolent.” “Alleviate the suffering of others. Visit the housebound. The Lonely. Feed the hungry. Save the animals from harm. Protect the children. This comes naturally to the pure of heart. This accelerates spiritual unfoldment for it brings selflessness.” “The world says put yourself number one and others number two. I say put others number one and yourself number two.” “Most Westerners exploring spirituality are very selfish. It is all about feeling good, going to many teachers, leaving out the jewel of Truth, unselfishness, love for your fellow man, doing the right thing. By becoming benevolent, forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, loving kindness, naturally follow.”

“As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. Ask others what you can do to make their lives easier. Give up resentments, retaliation, self absorption, discussing spiritual terminologies, discussing other people. Instead, find out for yourself. Do this until the peace comes, the bliss.”


  1. Read, Ponder and “Digest” The Lessons Every Morning and Evening

“These are really “Lessons”, lessons in correct living. The discourses are very potent. They are not for everyone. They are for those called deeply to this path. Read only one paragraph at a time. Read, and re read it. Digest it until it becomes a part of you. Do this twice a day.

Do not move on until you have done this. Prepare a special place, a beautiful place of peace in which to do this. Light a candle, have fresh flowers perhaps. Play spiritual music. Use this place only for this purpose. It will develop a strong energy. A blessed energy. You will begin to feel peaceful the moment you enter.” “I give these Lessons to those here, who understand this. These are not for everyone, for the masses do not understand. Westerners do not understand these terminologies. The ego thinks the Self is the human self, and that everything revolves around themselves. They go around saying ‘I am not my name nothing is real” and do crazy things. Therefore, I only give these to a few people, those who really feel a calling within. You may leave a printing donation in the donation box. Begin with one paragraph. Do this until the peace within arises.”


  1. How to Live? Live By the Golden Rule. The Yamas and Niyamas.

Do to others what you wish others to do to you. Everything that you do to someone else you are doing to your self, for there are no ‘others’. Everyone is your brother and sister.


  1. “Our Mission on This Earth is to Be Of Service to Humanity.”

“Your job is to become an asset to humanity. To leave this earth better for being here. Your job is to become a living embodiment of loving kindness. To completely transform your life by being of service to others-your family, career, to those that are suffering. To go out of your way for others. So many people come up to me and say “I am Consciousness. I am all pervading.” And they won’t even give someone a ride home from satsang.” “Do something to help someone anonymously every day.’


Development of The Three Virtues: Love. Compassion. Humility. 

“Never forget the most important thing; love, compassion and humility. For without these virtues you cannot progress. It is impossible. You may act like you are, you may mistakenly believe that you are, but you are fooling yourself. No one has ever experienced true illumination without The Three Virtues. Your true spiritual stature is revealed by the way you treat other people. As I have said, “What you are (doing) speaks so loud I can’t hear a world you are saying.”  YOU, the real YOU, is nothing other than love, compassion and humility. This is the nature of the SELF. Therefore, if the end result of illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now?



Questions and Answers

In the years following beloved Robert Adams introduction of his experiences and the classic pure ancient spiritual tradition that he predominantly shares, hundreds of books utilizing similar terminologies gratuitously, inaccurately and in some occasions dangerously misleading have appeared in Western ‘pop culture spirituality’ that convey a radically different or contradictory meaning to that utilized by Robert Adams. This misdirection and misunderstanding prevents the full joy and delight in ‘reaping the results of your efforts’ of a genuine spiritual path in alignment with the ancient laws and precepts, rather than a potpourri of self-interpretations that omit the foundational powerful precepts and correct definitions. In light of this critical opportunity to refresh oneself in the crystal clear waters of the uniquely powerful directives of one of Truth, below are clarifications of the precise words and terminologies as explained by Robert Adams.

  1. Non Duality 

“When I use the phrase ‘non duality’ I refer to the Ultimate Truth. Westerners have no idea what this really means. They think that this means there is no good or bad and that anything that they do is all right, completely confused. In Ultimate Reality, All Pervading God Consciousness, there is only good. There is no darkness. However on this earth there is light and darkness and you must cling to Goodness. For your true nature is none other than Goodness. Never think that non-duality refers to this earth, your role here, and your human embodiment. You must make the choice everyday to live in Goodness, for this is Ultimate Reality. This is Truth. In the light of Ultimate Reality, the Illumined, there is only The Light of a Thousand Suns. However if you were there consciously you would not take birth on this earth. You must attain this experiential reality in a human embodiment by surrendering all the ways of your human hood that is not love, peace, bliss, to your divine Self. God within. Therefore, never think that non-duality means that there is just an ‘isness’ that is neutral. YOU, the real you is bright and shining like the sun. Full of loving kindness, joy, compassion, benevolence. This is YOU.  

  1. The SELF 

“The SELF is God Perfection, Bliss Consciousness that is eternal, unchanging within you. This is what you wish to reflect in your human embodiment. I am not speaking of your human self. I am not saying that the whole universe emanates from you, John, as your human personality. I am referring to That God Perfection within you that is beyond all temporal change and suffering.  

  1. The Dream

“This world may be a dream but it can be a joyful one.” “Never believe that nothing you do has repercussions because everything is a dream, quite the contrary. Everything you do here has repercussions because this is a just and compassionate universe. You cannot get away with harming anything or anyone. By ‘dream’, I have explained that your true consciousness, your true being remains in Bliss Permeated Consciousness, The Heart of God, every moment, eternal, unchanging. Your human identification with being a mere mortal of only flesh and suffering has caused you to be mesmerized as if in a dream to forget your true origin. The spiritual practices lift you up into this experience of the happiness that is the substratum of your existence. Everything in the dream is occurring against the backdrop of God Perfection. It is up to you to identify with the God Perfection within you with humility, surrendering up these qualities within you that are not of Truth.


Q: Have the complete works of Robert Adams ever been published in any form?  

A: No. I have spent my entire life in the Teaching of Robert Adams Inner Circle. The complete thirty- five year works of over seven hundred discourses transmitted by this beloved rare Western Teacher has never been published in any compilation, yet his pamphlets are well known in Indian temples and monasteries.   Apologies for being unable to address several hundred injuring complaints regarding criminal fraudulent claims of 'complete works' with newly strangely changed unrelated titles and commentaries, removed chants and music, with documented fictitious narratives unknown to Robert Adams or the Robert Adams Institute and are currently investigated by the authorities and listings removed by Google due to criminal violations ongoing, (see required disclaimer).   The ICL Logo assures the transmission of only The Pure Form Original Teaching of this beloved Teacher of Love, Compassion and Humility in its original format of pure hearted benevolence, peace, non harm and exalted joy, emanating his true, life long kindly manifestation of pure Truth in gentility and graciousness.  

Robert Adams The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams 

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"Never forget the most important thing. Love, Compassion and Humility. For this is your real Self. Alleviate the suffering of others, dive deeply into God, and rejoice! Be happy and full of good cheer.”