Three Virtues

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The Teaching of Robert Adams
“Our Mission On This Earth Is To Be Of Service To Humanity."



A traditional Vedic style painting illustrating the light of God.

Practice these qualities. They must become a part of your human self in your everyday life. You will be correctly guided in all circumstances. You will leave the world better for being here. You are simply reflecting your True Nature. Without love, compassion and humility, you remain in dry head knowledge

"You may memorize a lot of spiritual terminologies, go to a lot of different teachers, but you will not have a personal experience of God. For this is the nature of God. Throughout the vicissitudes of life, always return to The Three Virtues. The mind changes. The world changes. But The Three Virtues are eternal, for they are of The Supreme. Your spiritual stature, evolvement, is reflected by your emanation of The Three Virtues, for this is the nature of Truth.”

Robert Adams

Peace Peace Peace


"The world changes but Truth, Love, never changes." Robert Adams



Peace Peace Peace






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