“Rejoice in the season. Enjoy the festivities. Help the hungry, the poor. Become holy. Feel the holiness.”  Robert Adams

A Message from Robert during the Holy Day Season

We are spiritual people. The world is not. We act in accordance with spiritual principles. What this really means is that we, as human beings, become last, not first. That is what Jesus meant when he said, “Those who go first will be last, and those who are last will be first.” You have to develop great humility. Do not long for anything. Do not want to be rich, or famous or great, yet do not say “I want to be poor and have nothing” either. They are both wrong. Just be your SELF when you are your SELF, you will be amazed how the universe takes care of you.
You have got to depend on your SELF (* The SELF is the Perfect Omniscient Love Within. I do not refer to you human self with all of its frailties, anger and bad habits.) to take care of everything. Now, your SELF is yourself. There is one SELF, so we take care of each other. Did you ever think of that? When you think of others, you are making a mistake. The feeling will come to you one day that you are all others. There are no ‘others’, there is just the SELF, appearing as ‘others’.

So, how do you treat others? As you treat your self.
You don’t think about it. You don’t think that, that person is worth and that person is not, so I am going to help this person, not that person, you give of yourself automatically. You do not think about it, because everything is your SELF, and that includes the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, and everything else that you don’t understand. They are all part of the One. What you do to the One, you do to everything. How you treat one person is how you treat the whole universe, because everything is One.

“I am not saying to ignore things. I am saying to take Right Action. You will be taken care of. God will take care of you."  

Q: Robert…Let say we all stay here and we have no money. Tomorrow we are all hungry in the morning and we say that we are not going to deal with this problem, but because our hunger is so great and keeps mounting, we really cannot think of anything else. Eventually we cannot think of any of these ideas that you told us because we are so extremely hungry.

R: Your first premise is wrong. It does not work like that. I would never work like that. If you are hungry, something will happen to appease your hunger.  What you are thinking about is that you sit down, and you do nothing. It does not work like that. When you know the Truth, somebody will knock on the door, and bring you food.

Something (* “There is a Current That Knows the Way that guides and protects your life when you adhere to it correctly. This is a universal law.” Robert Adams

It will take care of you. When you came to this earth, everything was predestined. And, everything is aware of how to take care of you, and what you are going to go through. But it has nothing to do with you-the secret is not to react-just do what has to be done. And you will do what has to be done. You can’t help it.
Q: Does God Manifest through allowing suffering?
“Quite the Contrary! There is a Difference Between ‘Knowing the Truth’,
and Just Letting Yourself Be Walked On! I am Talking About Realization.” Robert
Q: I brought up the example a week or two ago about the holocaust, and remember, I said how the attitude of the Jewish people and especially the Rabbis was that ‘God is living in Nazis’. God has manifested himself through Auschwitz and the others and so we must go along with this. Would you say that this is the attitude the Jewish people should have had?
R: Quite the Contrary! Because that is an ‘attitude’. I am not talking about attitudes. I am talking about Realization. Reading the Bible, and making quotations is one thing. Being a Living Embodiment of The Truth is another thing.
There is a difference in Knowing the Truth, and just letting yourself be walked on! This does not mean that you become a rug for somebody to step on you. You become a ‘doormat’ for no one. You are abiding in the SELF. When you abide in the SELF, everything will be OK. You are not a coward. You are not running from anything. You are abiding in the SELF.
Q: Is the true nature beyond time and good and bad or loving and non loving?
R: Consciousness is only Goodness. Love. Compassion. There is no other aspect to Reality. All other thoughts or actions that you have free will to indulge in must be surrendered up to God.
This is the Abiding Reality that defines your true nature. This is divinity. Some people do like this. They want to do anything their ego wishes to do. So they imagine that your true nature has no source of love or goodness and is simply vast empty vacuousness That nothing is real or solid. Nothing could be further from the truth. The universe operates under laws of harmony. Your true nature is that of the joyful blissful baby who laughs with delight. With love. You are talking about head definitions- intellectual rationalizations to imagine strange vacuous spiritual states. Be very careful when saying Truth is neither good or bad for the ego uses this in a dangerous manner. In Truth, Goodness is Ultimate Reality. It emanates from the heart of God as God. That which is not of Good, of loving kindness, is of the ego. Head confusion. In eternal Truth, Good is not a label, it is Ultimate Reality. This is All Pervading Omniscience.

"Goodness is the ultimate Reality."
“Feel the Holiness”:  Illumination on the Sanctity of Happy Holidays
Celebrating Christmas With Joy and Festivities: Inquiries Regarding the Holy Days
Q: Robert, when I was a child Christmas was a huge event- so magical and warm. Then I decided as a young adult I did not believe in the commercialism. Now I feel somehow I am missing something, but I am at a loss as to how to find it again. You always celebrate the holidays so happily with your Santa hats (* Robert Adams wears a red velvet Santa hat giving Discourses, passing out Christmas candy and gifts, leading students singing ‘Jingle Bells’.) What is your perspective on this?
R: As I have said, if you want to see just commercialism, that is all you will see. If you want to see the devout, those thinking of God, that is what you will see. If you want to see happiness, innocence, that is what you will see. Where are you looking for? So many people come up to me every year and complain of commercialism and such, yet they do not perceive that they are spoiling it for themselves.
You are choosing to negate the joy and beauty. In their hearts, many are truly sad because they have no family or money as it appears others do at this time. Yet, in Truth, most people are of many views during this time. They allow their true nature of caring about others, giving to others to come out at this time. They hope for a better way. People allow themselves to be joyful. Happy. Give one another presents. This is very good. Very good indeed.

And of course all of this is to celebrate a spiritual giant, an Illumined One, Jesus.

Now if you are of another faith you are celebrating something else holy. Nevertheless, at this time of the year many people are thinking of God, honoring God, all over the world. This is rare. Feel the holiness. Be still every morning, meditate during this time if you do not already. Feel the holiness deep in your heart. Go to Christmas concerts, go outside of yourself. It behooves you to utilize this time to Unfold. Bringing joy, having celebrations, making children happy is all of Truth. Have a light heart. Enjoy festivities, be happy. There will always be something negative to look at. Rise above this to celebrate the opportunity for happiness at this time. If you have children, do not deny them this happiness. Do not tell them ‘just be happy’ with no special celebrations. That is ego.
As you know, we have a large Christmas celebration for the children who have no gifts and I ask you each to bring toys here every year.  You have brought wonderful gifts for the children that we are giving out. Does this not make you feel happy? Being a conduit of compassion? Those of you who have been in the inner circle, as John here, perhaps have attended our feasts for years. This is a holy opportunity. To become selfless. So go out and give of yourself, serve others, asking nothing in return. Bring a Christmas cake to the home bound, the lonely. Become selfless. Now. Let us all sing. Jingle Bells! (Groups sings three or four carols laughing in jovial spirits.)
Q: Robert, how did you celebrate Christmas? How should I celebrate the holidays with my children? So many spiritual people seem to use this as an excuse to ruin others celebrations, joy.
R: Do not become a Scrooge! (laughter. Robert continues wearing his velvet Santa hat as he gives discourse.) Focus of what is joyful.. Make this a beautiful day for those you love. It is good to cook for people. Hang decorations, light candles, give gifts, sing. Many of these things are holy. This has been done since ancient times. There is nothing wrong with having decorated trees, feasts, happiness. Brotherhood. We do not do this enough. To have holy ceremonies. Do not spoil others fun. Instead, what are you doing to actually alleviate suffering? Instead of saying what is commercial, go out and feed the hungry, bring toys to children. Be a vehicle of happiness to others rather than negating everything. You wish to rise upward. It is the ego that only focuses on what is wrong instead than celebrating happiness as well. If you have no family, go to those who do not and bring them cookies and holy songs and gifts. Emanate peace. Be a vehicle of holiness. Holiness a  joy to behold. (student talks about toy drive requesting gifts for distribution) 
We visit the children who have no one and help them. Laugh and sing with them. Give them gifts. Sometimes we bring children home from the orphanages for parties. They receive love and attention. They have never had this. It is God giving to God in different forms. Yet, you must make the effort to rise above your ego and actually do these actions. We have much music and feasts and gifts and parties for this is a time of great happiness. There is a powerful vibration of holiness around the world at this time. My wife cooks wonderful feasts and special dishes for many days. To give joy to others. She makes everything beautiful. I did not say to my children “Do not buy things or give gifts.” That confuses children. Giving is holy. Add to the joy with service, do not take away. This is a joyous time. Children find great happiness in this. They have an opportunity to be jovial. Light hearted. Do not spoil their happiness. Observe your inner motivations.

"Emphasize the Love." A Masterful Teaching in spiritual integrity by a selfless sage

Instead, emphasize the love among your family. Spend more time together. Be of peace. Ask them what they like to do. If you have no family, contact those who you may have hurt. Bring peace. Have celebrations with your spiritual families. Your job is to expand into a vehicle of loving kindness, joy and benevolence, rather then judge. Therefore, after celebrating with a light heart, you equally go out and give to others. Teach your children how happy it is to go out an make others happy. Sing. Dance. Ponder Jesus Teachings. This is the Way of Compassion.
Do not use this time as a punishment by saying ‘We are having no gifts or parties. It is all commercial.’ What will this accomplish? Instead, do joyful activities with them, teach them about the Master who is being honored, and bring happiness into your own house. They will remember the love. Then, become a vehicle of this happiness for others. My children always wanted to bring children from the orphanage over for the holidays. We knew the nuns there. so we have many many children over for happy days. Laughter. Many relatives and friends. The most important thing is the happiness. Bring happiness to others in many ways, asking nothing in return. If you focus on the happiness, the peace, all will be well. You will return to the Source of the holy days.   


“It is my great that you are happy. Be of good cheer. Be of good will. Be humble, gentle and strong. Make others happy just for being in your presence. To do this, to really do this, you must have a pure heart. Then all of the universe will reveal its secrets to you. A magnificence will appear.”  Robert
“Within You is the Light of a Thousand Suns. Happiness is the Substratum of your existence. This is who you are. Happiness is your true nature. Within you is unimaginable beauty. Your True Self is Bright and Shining this Moment. Through the clear realizations the Truth, your Real Self will come shining through. Everyone is looking for happiness. Happiness is the unchanging Truth of your Real Self. You are not the outer images that keep changing. It does not matter what is happening in your life, nothing is more powerful than the Absolute Truth of who YOU are. An embodiment of happiness.”
“Suffering subsides. No matter what your background or religion, happiness is the unchanging Reality behind the changing images of your life. Won’t you begin to experience this Reality now? It is worth it. Unimaginable Beauty that transforms us in a moment. You will become radiantly happy for no ‘reason’ whatsoever. Be gentle, humble and strong. The world may appear hard at times, but do not let it fool you. It has no power over you at all. Always realize that you are divinely protected, divinely guided to your highest good. You have nothing to fight, nothing to fear. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. YOU are That. “
What does it mean to surrender?
This is where prayer comes in. You can pray to that God,k and you will be helped. Your personal God will take care of you if you surrender and submit. When you submit, you are giving up your ego. You are saying, “I am nothing and You are everything.” This will help you. “
“There is a substratum of all existence. It is love. It is Absolute Reality.”
You respond by causing as little disturbance as possible.

"Love One Another"
Be peaceful. Be still. Learn to love one another. Have compassion. Practice loving kindness. Be your SELF. Always remember, that your real nature is Absolute Intelligence. Ultimate Oneness. Divine Harmony. Bliss Consciousness. Sat Chit Ananda. Para Brahmin. That is who you really are. Identify that THAT and be free.”
“If it is not of Goodness It is not of God. If you truly knew you were not the doer, you would not say it. You would simply be a living embodiment of Good, loving kindness in this world. For that is the nature of the SELF.”
“If you believe that you can ‘get away’ with something, dishonorable, bothering people, hurting people, transgressing the Laws of Right Action,  and continue to progress, you are fooling yourself. It is impossible. You are simply making more karma. You are operating on a multitude of planes. As the adage states, you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses., People who do not understand this Teaching say to me, “So and so said I hurt their feelings, was harsh with them. Yelled at them. Gossiped about them. Betrayed them. And I explained that that was their own problem in their own mind. And I left.”
Of course, those of you who have been here for many years know, this is the opposite of the Teaching. You do not use spirituality to hurt other people. To do whatever you want to do to people. Say ‘it does not matter I am not the doer.’ For if you knew you were not the doer, you could never hurt a living being. You could never gossip, harass people, be selfish. For if it is not of Goodness it is not of God. Therefore He who Knows he is not the doer (* “When one becomes humble, one allows Absolute Truth, God to act through them. They have surrendered to this.”) simply becomes a conduit of Good. Loving Kindness.
This is all that comes out of him. If someone harms him, he takes Right Action with the laws of the land and goes about his business with love and peace in his heart. The mature spiritual aspirant rejoices in this simplicity.”

“Choose one path, one Teacher, and remain true. Dedicated. Support that path, rejoice in your karmic boon. A true Teacher remains with you if he is in or out of the body. There is no longer debate, head knowledge, discussion. For you will experience the glory of universe upon universe in an explosion of light, the love beyond description. Who can debate this? It is Reality.”



The Beginning Signs of True Unfoldment
Students Sharing
Q: I am astounded at the misinterpretation of the art of Inquiry that followed the great Roberts introduction of it by new invented interpreters who left out the entire aspect of love in Silence of the Heart, of the need for a personal God like Jesus or Buddha, and regulated a distortion of nothingness and inquiry leading to horrific voids of what Robert called ‘ a cold, vile self invention of the mind.” When I attended Roberts talk he said that it was all to discover love in mature spirituality not to say you are not your name or profession, that is a deep inside job that tis humble and happy. Can you encompassing in his quotes the whole object of the methods and his own personal experience in inquiry?  You are such a pure and joyful, deeply transparent manifestation of Robert unending, uninterrupted, pure love.   Bless you, May Lee.

What is the Object of True Compassionate Inquiry?
“The object of inquiry of course is to return to the Heart.”

The Fruits

We are becoming more peaceful. More loving.  Kinder. We feel happy most of the time. We are no the path of Self Realization. But, if you are arrogant, sarcastic, obnoxious, you have a bad temper, then you have a problem. For those are the things that keep you earthbound. They keep you attached to the earth. We live in Consciousness. Consciousness accommodates us as images. Because Consciousness is Absolute Reality, we are Absolute Reality also. Consciousness is All Pervading. Everywhere present at the same time. This no room for anything else.
This means that YOU are make out of Goodness, Love, Peace, Happiness. Joy. This is what you really are. Focus on these things.
The object of Inquiry of course is to return to The Heart.
One day there will be an explosion in some of you. The I Thought will return to the heart and you will become All Pervading Omnipresent, Consciousness, the (?) SELF which you truly are. You will have Unalloyed Happiness ,. Eternal Peace. It will never leave you again.
You will understand that you are not the body or the mind or the thoughts but YOU are the substratum of all existence.

It does not mean that you have got to leave your family and run away to India or someplace and live in a cave. On the contrary. It means that you will become a better father than you have ever been. Because you are not playing favorites, attached you will be able to be a great teacher to your children in the Right Way. Because you will not be working from the selfish ‘you’ or from ignorance. You will be working from wisdom. You will be an example for your children.
An example of wisdom, honesty, total joy, total peace. And the children will emulate you. This is not a question of not caring about your children. It is not a question of not being a good father. If you become Self Realized you will be a good father. Try it!

Q: Robert, what of my friend who found inquiry and said he was not a husband or father and left his family to go to India and then became a teacher? It was very sad to me.
Robert: This is the ego,.. If you do foolish things and use spirituality to leave your family, you will experience being left. Abandoned. In deep pain.  You will experience all that you caused others to feel. Therefore, go within and give only love. Become the perfect manifestation of your earthly role.


Every Moment Here of Goodness Is To Be Honored
Q: Robert, would you say that all past and future moments are not true or not real, and only this moment is real?  That is, nothing from the past matters?
R: Not at all. Do not say anything is not true, not real, for that is the ego saying this so others can hear.  The SELF has no desire to pronounce such things. Everything is an interior Realization. Such things need no outward pronouncement. The past ‘moments’, as shared here on this earth with others was real, in the sense of this earthly journey.  The love or peace shared. or not shared, and the karma created.  (pause) When most people say such things, they are desiring to escape rather than Unfold. In the mature, ripe spiritual aspirant, the realization of the timeless eternal nature of Reality occurs inwardly. What is the reason for going around saying it is all unreal? Not true? This does not mean you have realized anything. Quite the contrary. Why focus on this? Focus on what is. What You are. Omniscient. Beautiful. See this intelligently. Every moment here is to be honored, if it is of Goodness it is of God. Let us say you go around saying the past is unreal. You are beyond time. So many people call me every week and tell me they a so called ‘awakening’. Now they will teach.  (laughter) Yet, where are you really coming from? Inquire, why are you really pronouncing this? For the past will return as karma-regardless of how unreal you say it is. Therefore what is your real motivation? So many people enjoy saying this, but what did they do with their lives? How do they treat other people? You must be very honest with yourself. You want to do something great with your life. You want to become a living embodiment of Truth. Loving kindness. Right Action. An asset to this world. A warm hearted person.  A friend to all. You do not want to become weird, spaced out.  Walk around saying what is real and unreal and not really progressing. Therefore, I would say that one must become a better person this moment while you are in this embodiment, and the future will take care of itself. It is a natural progression of interior Unfoldment. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Never Forget the most important thing, love, compassion and humility. For this is who you really are. This is ultimate reality.




For over forty years, beloved Master Robert Adams, the sole Western Illumined Master of this Path, relayed hundreds of volumes of extemporaneous Discourses, poems, personal counsel, prophecies, and transmitted original powerful practices of meditations and Illuminations that resulted in international reverence by worldwide orthodox and contemporary schools of spiritual unfoldment. The originator of The Eternal Now in literary and live presentation to the West at large over four decades ago, this genteel seer and rare Sage transformed lives throughout the world with instantaneous experiences of joyful Presence in ecstatic Reality, unchanging, in sustained peace that passeth understanding. Expounding traditional spiritual principles and values in thought, word and deed, this deeply loved Masters delightful gentle sparkling candor, personal care for each student, guileless benevolence and stunning emanation of an ethereal peace beyond his physical illness that later appeared, lifts hearts into uncompromised Truth.


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