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Welcome to The Robert Adams
Infinity Institute

      Contemporary Clean Spiritual Living




“The Truth of the Matter”


If your mind was on God, You would never even feel like hurting anybody else. You cannot. It is impossible. 

We think that we can keep our mind on God, and this gives us license to do whatever we want. The Truth of the matter is, if you kept your mind on God, and you were really in God, involved in God completely, what we call God, which is Absolute Reality, which is Consciousness, you would never even feel like hurting anybody else.

You Have Surrendered to That Which is Divine. Your Life Becomes a Blessing
You can not hurt anybody else.

It is impossible. It is virtually impossible to hurt another human being if your mind is stayed on  God; it means that you have Surrendered completely,  totally, absolutely to That which is divine, sacred, which is your *SELF. You have turned within, and given it all up to God. Therefore, your life becomes a blessing.


If you can do it, truly do this, not make a statement and talk about it, but truly Surrender yourself so completely that you have nothing to think about, nothing to say (about it) you are giving yourself away to the Universal Intelligence absolutely; then you will find that things will work themselves out totally and completely.

You Will Be Divinely Guided. Every move that you make will be divinely inspired. Every step that you take will be Divinely Guided.


Life is Eternal


“ Life is eternal. True Love is eternal. However, your job here is to preserve life. This life is sacred. It is a rare opportunity to progress. Celebrate this life while you are here with love and joy. Respect the sanctity of all life. Become a living embodiment of selfless love. ” 

Robert Adams


"If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now?"

Love. Joy. Transcendence. Peace. The Illumined Life. The Mediations, Music and Direct Guidance.


The Direct Lineage of Four Decade Master Teacher and Beloved Sage Robert Adams in live and online classes, pure form format.

"Robert Adams is the only world recognized Illumined Teacher of the West in our century."


India Literary Review Journal 1999

"Within You is Unimaginable Beauty. Within you is The light of a thousand suns. Let the true sun shine forth."



Robert Adams resided in the affluent suburbs of California with his extended family for the majority of his life. Emanating a joyful purity of gentle disciplined lifestyle, counseling hundreds of students worldwide in a daily full schedule, devoted to his family.


Uninvolved with alternative or pseudo spiritual groups, the beloved kindly Sage was well known in his community for contributions to the arts, The Hollywood Bowl concerts, international aid to homeless children, as well as a pronounced music aficionado who utilized music with his Teaching since his original Inner Circle, always played music in his home, and exemplified the arts in relation so spiritual truths.


Beloved for his purity and kindness, this renowned Teacher is revered for his ability to immediately lift others awareness of omniscient love as the ultimate Truth of God, by his transmitted living words in Discourse, and actions of sublime refined graciousness, care and protection of the gentle sanctity of life.


Robert Adams, teaching solely with his daughter since a teenager, purely trained his lineage and original teachers in the Pure Form Original Teaching for over 30 years to continue his Message leaving in pure preservation of Living Truth to be presented by each new generation of his own lineage for years to come.


"Because Your Heart is Pure."


As he explains his lineage in The Golden Tribute established transmission of his Teaching, to be presented by each new generation of his own direct lineage leaving his works to his beloved wife of over four decades, his eyes sparkled in prophetic statements of his Institute of Love, Compassion and Humility for generations to come, as well as his beloved Benevolence Project.


"This will alleviate the suffering of thousands of people."


He described his grand-children and great grandchildren to whom he left his work, teaching the pure, fresh Message of Love, Compassion and Humility in future generations "Where there will be great love.


Humanity will have a greater understanding of love, humility, selflessness. There will be a new understanding of brotherhood. This will be a New Reality."

" Within You Is a Great Magnificence."






Our Mission

Happiness Is The Substratum Of Your Life.


Within You Is Everything You Have Been Looking For. It All Begins With You Won't you begin Today?It is never too late to completely transform your entire life. To live the illuminated life.


Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns. " Peace. Love. Transcendence. Compassion. I am calling you to a Higher Vision. I am calling you to a New Reality. " Robert Adams. There is a bright and glorious Reality that is your true home. All suffering subsides.


All fear dissolves. All separation is revealed as illusion. Everyone is your brother and sister. All of humanity are your family. Everything is revealed as bright and shining. Splendor and Glory. Pure and whole. You understand why everything that appeared to happen to you happened. You see beyond this brief life journey into eternity. You have become a part of the omniscient love. The divine plan is revealed.




"Within You Is The Light Of A Thousand Suns. Let The True Sun Shine Forth!" In a peace- based powerful sequence of multi- layered instructional guidance, Robert Adams encourages all to embrace delightful, peace awakening daily practices, deep personal study of the uplifting, inspirational, Dialogues, offering pure clarification from those personally authorised by Robert Adams in an awakening of joy.


His shining unchanging peace and kindliness through the common human experiences of vibrant health and illness, amid his unceasing daily vibrant teaching, provides a rare inspiration of the light within as eternally victorious through all outer experiences and appearances.



"Develop a sense of brotherhood with all humanity. As you are unfolding spread sunshine to all you meet.  Ask others what you can do to make their lives easier."
Robert Adams


Robert Adams resided in the American suburbs active in numerous local philanthropy and art involvements devoted to family life in deep dedication in a large extended family tradition.

Welcome to the Illuminated life for our modern times with the beloved American Sage, Robert Adams.


Peace. Happiness. Love.. Purity. Truth. Today. "This is a direct Path to God. Love is Eternal."

"Happiness is Your Heritage."

Contemporary Publishing interviews and articles on Robert Adams:


The Mountain Path, The Daily Om, Nirvana 101, Sublime Love, The Interior Life

The Pure Form Robert Adams Teachers selected by Robert Adams


Q; What is the tradition of lineage of The Ancient Way honored by Robert Adams?


A: The ancient founders who transmit pure Truth traditionally found their own embodiments of transmission in their own pure institutes, in which their Presence dwells within, The Source. Their own distinctly unique Path of transmission, in spiritual integrity in harmony with "All True Religions" as Robert Adams explains, is transmitted solely through their self established institute, a tradition in which current Americans are often unfamiliar.


As saints of such transmissions as Ramakrishna, The Sufi Order, Sri Yogananda, established one sole Source of their Message, their own pure lineage and institute in which their Presence resides, the founders own Message in his wisdom, discretion and careful establishment is relayed purely by those he chose in the stature in which he proclaims, exemplified for familiarity for Westerners in The Vedanta Society. The Teaching is offered to all with respect to the dignity and sanctity of each person.


Q: Was Robert Adams a nomadic or renunciate alternative teacher of American popular culture? Did he reside in a spiritual community?


A: Robert Adams exuberantly gifts all with a sole example of modern American life honoring the ancient precepts in 'householder' life. He refused offers to establish or reside/lead spiritual communities and preferred traditional home life devoted to protecting and surrounding himself with the joyfully innocent.


He resided in an "upscale Los Angeles family community" per his realtors description, uninvolved with 'alternative' cultures, celebrating great festivities and holy days in their warm hospitality within their private residence to a primarily life long Inner Circle of Indian families and devotees.


In direct experience of a life of 'non harm, Right Action, The Splendor and the Glory of The Supreme" his Daily Practices and directives to "alleviate the suffering of Humanity" are carried out throughout the world with life long devotion and humility. Following his refusal of permissions for anyone to utilize his name or present his Teaching, he copyrighted his Teaching for his successors and Institute in purity retained eternally in love, for generations to come, in the pure original format of realized potency and Pure Heart.


His Teaching is available to all regardless of financial stature, donating hundreds of books and materials freely to institutes, prisons, orphanages, half way houses, clinics and rehab centers. "All suffering subsides."




"You must release your bad habits. Anger, greed, dishonesty, hidden motives, aggressiveness.


You must become a better person.


Live by The Golden Rule. You must be very honest with yourself. You must become pure. If you are a thief, you will be attracted to thieves. If you are a saint, you will be attracted to saints. You must become pure."





"The Silence I speak of does not mean not to talk laugh, make sounds. It is an inner Realization. Most people use these words to build bigger egos."


"Alleviate the Suffering of Humanity" The Robert Adams Benevolence Project has been distributing food, hygiene items, toys and inspirational literature to homeless children throughout the world for over 25 years. In 2010 update, one out of four US children go hungry daily. Robert Adams personally delivered collected food, toys and books for children with his Benevolence Project, stating, "If you wish to discern some ones spiritual stature, ask them to go out of their way for someone else with nothing in return. So many people state that they are Consciousness, awareness, pure light, but they will not go out of their way to give someone a ride home.


It is your duty to alleviate the suffering of humanity. Those who claim no spiritual path yet quietly alleviate the suffering of others daily, visiting the housebound, helping the orphans, comforting those is pain, are progressing spiritually more than those who travel the world and attend spiritual retreats. This is Truth. The selfless heart is The Heart of The Supreme."


"I began in mystical Christianity....."




Robert Adams was raised in a highly structured religious atmosphere of ceremonial form honoring each life activity. This lovingly protected and 'self disciplined purity' is described by him a a valuable aspect of ones life in living by the laws of the divine Self rather than the human self. "This brings a happiness from within." His paternal relatives were spiritual leaders in their communities.


His emphasis on the words and actions emerging from one showing their 'true spiritual stature' is held in accordance with the precepts of the classic Vedic 'laws for happiness' remarkably similar to Biblical and other religions, differing from modern American synthesis devoid of specific jewels of guidance.


His peaceful, relaxed modern sensibilities in approach to an uncompromising honoring of classical roots of 'correct behavior' endears him to the worlds pivotal spiritual teachers as the sole Western Master.

His later immersion 'mystical Christianity' is described in various literary interviews including in the spiritual magazines, The Inner Life, The Mountain Path and narratives in The Lessons. His book on the Teaching of Jesus is a highly regarded treatise well established in orthodox traditional monasteries and ashramas.


Robert Adams lifelong loyal students and Infinity Institute members include several priests as well as rabbis, whose vibrant and humorous warm exchanges reveal the common universal thread of the heart between them.

"Jesus is the master of compassion. If everyone did what Jesus taught, everyone would be illumined. But who is willing to do this?" His later famed confirmation in spiritual lineage with Ramnana Maharshi signified him as the only Western Teacher honored as a true Master of pure spiritual stature in the West, one of humble heart and compassionate foundation, manifesting the highest order of the 'true precepts taught by all true religions, that of love, compassion and humility above all else."


His Teaching consists solely of his own experience in Illumination, including his own original titles such as The Fourth Dimension of Life, The Current That Knows the Way, The Boundless Space, among hundreds of others in over eight hundred extemporaneous archived Discourses. He established his institute as his sole vehicle of his Teaching and lineage, refusing hundreds of requests to affiliate others names with his, teach, represent or interpret his personal experience in Illumination.


Following his experience with being confirmed in his myriad of unique spiritual experiences, visions and 'jumping into God' spontaneously in long periods of bliss consciousness since childhood, he follows the Vedic traditional spiritual stance of devoting himself to family life and daily receiving seekers from throughout the world in formal reservations for personal counsel in appointments, in the warm hospitality of special feasts and family joy.


In a gracious offering of devotion to each guests unfoldment and happiness, Robert Adams spoke only once or twice a week for brief periods to three primary devoted groups, (request documentation per groups and students) each archived and recorded along with his visits and consults. His inexplicable etherial peace, gentility and loving kindness in his 'style' of transmitting dramatically palpable waves of divine bliss, love and personal spiritual awareness in a room drew many to seek him out. His Teaching transforms hundreds of lives daily in its timeless love.


For information on authorized Robert Adams Pure Form Original Format classes, questions on book retractions in wise discernment and spiritual integrity (The Teachers of the One has been retracted by publishers in inaccurate affiliation with a non student of Robert Adams) and authentic students, false associations in accuracies well as personal counsel in the clarification of the joyful beauty of his Teaching, please contact this website requesting Beth. In brotherhood and peace to all

"Peace. Peace. Peace."