Pure Form Lesson Features 2020


Welcome to The Original Pure Form over Three Decades of Original Lessons given in the Sages blessings of his own directives and sequential order. Daily guidance, precise clarification, spiritual integrity and ethics in light of the universal laws. An in- depth immersion in The Light of a Thousand Suns, in practical daily life.

"Once you experience this, you cannot go back. You cannot go back to believing that this world is all there is, that man’s inhumanity to man is Reality. We do not reject it, we expand beyond it. We do not say the world is not real. We realize that God, as the world, is real. "

An Additional Special Home Companion Series are periodically included with the Lessons: Beautiful Personal Meditations. Robert Adams Favorite Recipes, Rare Narratives and Special Selected Original Rare Discourse Music Recordings.

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"You must do something spiritual everyday. I call you to do these things everyday. You will live in a New Reality. Your entire life will be transformed. You will have a Direct Experience of Bliss, The Supreme, Peace, Love, Truth that does not change. Life will become bright."

"Suffering subsides. The happiness will come bubbling up. You will be guided through your life."

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