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The Teaching of Robert Adams " I Welcome You With All My Heart."

The Ever awakening Life VOL II

The Ever Awakening Life Series II. An Extraordinary Full Format Experience in Instantaneous Uplifitment to "A Higher Vision" with Beloved Robert Adam s- New! Just Released June 2018. Enjoy the pure Original Crystal Clear Beautiful Voice of Robert Adams Presence; The Second Two CD Set; Volume II of The Robert Adams Original Full Forma, Vibrantly Inspirational. The Beautiful Collectors Volume in Crystal Clarity.


The Ever awakening Life VOL II (2 CD set)  Audio Preview HERE

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How To Allow God To Take Care Of Everything - Let Go Of Your Problems And God Will Take Care Of Everything For You.

Robert Adams


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Robert Adams is a Western spiritual master of international reverence, teaching his personal experience upon request in the classic tradition of joyful inner Illumination for over thirty years. Through the path of peace and compassion within the cultural context of ancient ethical precepts, his roots in mystic Christianity provides a supernal insight through direct experience of this truth.  

Robert Adams is the sole American confirmed and honored in an ancient lineage as a true illumined sage by the great saint Ramana Maharshi, featured as the teacher in the vintage film, The Razors Edge. Conveying an ancient wisdom for modern times, his uniquely powerful transmissions of a palpable peace, his ethereal nature and warm benevolent kindness endear him to thousands.

"Within you is Unimaginable Beauty. Discover this today. Dive deeply into the peace that does not change. Do this every morning upon awakening and just before sleep. Here you will find refuge in That Peace Eternal. Here you will find the Unimaginable Beauty. It will last longer and longer until one day, it never leaves you."

"Peace. Peace. Peace." 






Silence of the Heart

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"Silence of The Heart" is the Classic Life Treatise on the stages of illumination honored by ashrams, churches and temples.

This non-denominational teaching is presented from the personal direct experiences by the globally renowned illumined Spiritual teacher, beloved Robert Adams, founder of The Robert Adams Infinity Institute. "Peace. Peace. Peace."


A New reality 

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My friend, the time will come when you realize that you have to make a choice. This choice-less choice will come to everyone. At some point in your life, everyone is given the choice. Its arrival is pre-ordained by the Supreme. What you do with this choice is entirely up to you. For it will dictate your destiny. And yet you have to ask yourself, is there really a choice? For I AM That. Forever. Eternally. And this is what I wish to experience consciously. Magnificently. Honestly. This is the shining Supreme Truth upon which all else is superimposed. We must resolve the human predicament, we must actually live in this reality all of the time, beautifully.


Happiness This Moment 

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Happiness is your true nature. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. The essential foundation of divine reality of the unchanging nature of the joy within. Happiness. This book includes the much requested student life introduction to Robert Adams. Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns...More on Happiness here


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Illumination Daily 

"Awaken each morning pondering the Truth. Become this pondering. Dive into the Unimaginable Beauty within you. Scrutinize yourself honestly. You will become a living embodiment of loving kindness." Robert Adams

Robert Adams

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(Illumination Book plus the uplifting feminine guided Robert Adams Meditation CD filled with his inspirational quotes)

A beautiful personnel spiritual journal accompanied by the most requested powerful daily guidance of the beloved sage.... Explore book and CD here





"I am not a guru. You have asked me to share my experience. Try it and see if it works for you. You can experience the fathomless love, peace of God, today. Now. Meanwhile, your job is to become a living embodiment of loving kindness, of The Three Virtues; love, compassion, humility to all. For this is your true Self."

The Pathway to Illumination by Robert Adams taught from his unique personal experience, embraces the following eight fundamental Pathways. As you begin to experience gentle inner illumination, you begin to associate yourself with your original spiritual nature, rather than your physical-human limitations. You begin to naturally practice the pure fundamentals he emanates,

"Begin at the beginning." Revered by what Robert Adams refers to as fundamental precepts of "all true religions" of the world. The result is a "Direct experience of God", resulting in extended periods of peace, an awakening of loving kindness, compassion, humility and a realization of a sense of brotherhood with all. Living in natural spiritual integrity, one's life is guided by The Power That Knows the Way. "The happiness comes bubbling up. A lasting, authentic new happiness that includes all of life. The happiness of this life, with a loved one, a beautiful sunset, a selfless act, is real, yet it is a glimmer of the eternal indescribable joy that never fades. You must acquire a sense of brotherhood with all of humanity."

Enjoy an Introduction and deepening of the Premier Topics of Robert Adams Teaching, Personal Experience, and Methods in readings of his works below.


Robert Adams Lessons

"You must do something spiritual everyday. I call you to do these things everyday. You will live in a New Reality. Your entire life will be transformed. You will have a Direct Experience of Bliss, The Supreme, Peace, Love, Truth that does not change. Life will become bright."...More

Experience The Peace

“Be joyous, full of good cheer. If you truly experiencing God, you are filled with joy, for this is the nature of God. You do not ignore others pain, you awaken the joy that is eternal, unchanging, all pervading, within everyone. Joy, happiness, this is your true nature. This is your origin. Worship God with happiness. ...More/Video

Non- Harm

There is no spirituality without compassion. Compassion is your true nature. Therefore, ¬†live in the path of non- harm, Ahimsa, to all living beings. Be merciful. Your job is to become a conduit of gentle loving kindness in this earthly embodiment. Regardless of what is occurring in the world around you, remain in the unchanging all pervading Reality of compassion, loving kindness. Happiness ensues.” Robert Adams. ...More/Video

Three Virtues

“You cannot unfold without the most important thing: The Three Virtues. Love, Compassion and Humility. For this is the nature of your true Self. This is who you really are. It is up to you to reflect these virtues everyday. This will protect you. . ...More/Video These beautiful illustrations of classic spirituality are from The Robert Adams Consciousness Contemplation Cards. Enjoy more here:




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"Never forget the most important thing. Love, Compassion and Humility. As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet."

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