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THE Original Personal Experience of ROBERT ADAMS
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"It is a privilege to be here with you. I want each one of you to open your hearts, and feel who you really are. As we ponder Truth together, something is happening. Something deep within is arising, awakening. We are activating the sublime, higher planes so to speak. The awareness of Truth begins to bubble up, and we feel a sudden happiness. A freedom."

"This happens immediately for some. For others, this occurs eventually. But it always happens." Robert Adams



Welcome friends, to the Pure Form Original Teaching of beloved Sage Robert Adams, teacher of Illumination through Love, Compassion and Humility. A rare and potent multi-layered gentle path of joyfully experiencing your true Self within. Robert Adams is the sole American revered in traditional established spirituality as an illumined teacher of Truth, confirmed by the great saint Ramana Maharshi.

V. Ganesan speaks about Robert Adams meeting Ramana Maharshi in his book:

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V. Ganesan on the right side of Robert Adams


Joyful Greetings this "Bright and Shining" day. Peace be with you. "Peace, love, harmony, joy are your birthright." Our mission on this earth is to be of service to humanity. Welcome friends, to the Pure Form Original Teaching of beloved Sage Robert Adams, teacher of Illumination through Love, Compassion and Humility.

"When I say to love your Self, I am referring to your divine, eternal, all-pervading Self. Your True Self."

A rare and potent multi-layered gentle path of joyfully experiencing your true Self within. Robert Adams is the sole American revered in traditional established spirituality as an illumined teacher of Truth. His own experience guides ones life through a gently beautiful realization of the radiance within offering a gentle foundation of uplifting, peace-imbued methods: 1.The Daily Meditations, Methods and Music 2.The Lessons. 3.Service to others to alleviate the suffering of humanity in non-harm.



Welcome friends, to the Pure Form Original Teaching of beloved Sage Robert Adams, teacher of Illumination through Love, Compassion and Humility. A rare and potent multi-layered gentle path of joyfully experiencing your true Self within. Robert Adams is the sole American revered in traditional established spirituality as an illumined teacher of Truth, confirmed by the great saint Ramana Maharshi. More...

His own experience guides ones life through a gently beautiful realization of the radiance within. Embracing modern sensitbilities with the ethical, purity and beauty of powerful daily realization through meditations, music, The Robert Adams Compassionate Inquiry, non harm, Pondering the Lessons, precise life guidance, practices and honoring ones life as sacred, "All Suffering Subsides." in love omniscient.

In Spritual Brotherhood,
Dr. Blake Warner Ph.D.



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The Teaching of Robert Adams THE ROBERT ADAMS Golden Classic MP3 Digital Audio-Pure Form original Dialogues. Robert Adams conveys his own experience in topic format


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The beloved Sage Robert Adams is attributed with introducing this path to America. He established his personal Institute in 1996 for the sole Transmission of his unique, joyous personal Message of transcending pain for the joyful life, in a 'Bright and Shining' application of ancient wisdom through contemporary life. The Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams is taught by his selected teachers and lineage.


Robert Adams Pureform lessons

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He teaches in the formal Sage- Student established, precise format of Discourse, always sitting on the stage/ podium, prior to illness of the body, emerging with a warm welcoming delight of disarming innocence, a power beyond our human sphere rooted in a deep, unchanging supreme peace. His regular inclusion of music in his talks included his favorite. "What a Wonderful World.", chant, jazz and hymn. Beloved Robert Adams introduced The Gap, The Stillness, The Eternal Now and The Presence to the West at large prior to the general cultural familiarity.

Tenderly organized and disseminated with a student placed donation box for all Dialogues, His personal experiences are taught in his original pure Discourse titles by The Robert Adams Lineage as presented for over three decades including;

* The GAP

"Suffering subsides and the happiness comes bubbling up. Happiness is your true nature. This is my experience. "Robert Adams

"Happiness is the Substratum of Your Existence. Everything temporal is occuring against a backdrop of eternal divine happiness, bliss, omniscient love, just as the sun is obscured by temporary clouds. Discover this within your Self."


Discovering the Depths of Happiness - more




Silence of the Heart

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"Silence of The Heart" is the Classic Life Treatise on the stages of illumination.

Review: Been reading Adams since college. Nothing else comes close. Adams merges the deeper Eastern thought with his love beyond words. And this book soaks you up in it. Clear and defined. Js Wilson Manhattan Review: Robert Adams' message comes through very clearly for me; I can feel the space around his words and the space within them. He is a sage and speaks about compassion and humility. He describes the practice of Self-Inquiry ala Ramana Maharshi and others of the Advaita tradition. He also talks about Surrender to Divinity.h

This non-denominational teaching is presented from the personal direct experiences by the globally renowned illumined Spiritual teacher, beloved Robert Adams, founder of The Robert Adams Infinity Institute. "Peace. Peace. Peace."



A New reality 

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My friend, the time will come when you realize that you have to make a choice. This choice-less choice will come to everyone. At some point in your life, everyone is given the choice. Its arrival is pre-ordained by the Supreme. What you do with this choice is entirely up to you. For it will dictate your destiny. And yet you have to ask yourself, is there really a choice? For I AM That. Forever. Eternally. And this is what I wish to experience consciously. Magnificently. Honestly. This is the shining Supreme Truth upon which all else is superimposed. We must resolve the human predicament, we must actually live in this reality all of the time, beautifully.


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Happiness This Moment 

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...Read Happiness Book Here Happiness is your true nature. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. The essential foundation of divine reality of the unchanging nature of the joy within. Happiness. This book includes the much requested student life introduction to Robert Adams. "Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns. Awaken each morning pondering the Truth. Become this pondering. Dive into the Unimaginable Beauty within you. Scrutinize yourself honestly. You will become a living embodiment of loving kindness."

Enjoy A Shared Personal Introduction to Robert Adams Happiness This Moment click Here
Review: This book has been my happiness bible ever since I got it. Robert Adams really delves into the whole gamut of truly feeling loved and happy, illuminating the breadth of his own experience of it. This encourages me to 'jump into' the methods with no pressure. Very moving. I used to just read it for upliftment, then after a couple hard life knocks, i realized what he was really doing, uncovering layers of beautiful-ness that really remains at our disposal, 'this moment" within our true nature. Karuna.



Illumination Daily + CD 

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The Observation and Inquiry Journal (Illumination Book plus the uplifting feminine guided Robert Adams Illumination CD filled with his inspirational quotes)

"Compassionately observe yourself, your actions, your thoughts, emotions. Do this from a place of deep peace. As you do this each day, you become aware of how you are honestly living your life. As you go deep, deep within the Truth of who you are, as you meditate, uplift yourself, surrender bad habits, you begin to rise. Gently and naturally. Your actions, words, feelings will become an emanation of the supremacy of goodness. Your life will begin to reflect this in all arenas, Yet you must honestly make the effort. I am calling you to a higher vision. It is all up to you."A beautiful personnel spiritual journal accompanied by the most requested powerful daily guidance of the beloved sage.... Explore book and CD here


"You must do something spiritual everyday. I call you to do these things everyday. You will live in a New Reality. Your entire life will be transformed. You will have a Direct Experience of Bliss, The Supreme, Peace, Love, Truth that does not change. Life will become bright.

You will feel a brotherhood with all of humanity." A new life. A new consciousness. A new experience of ultimate awareness in your life. It is all up to you. It is time. As I have said, I can show you the vein of gold, but you have to dig for it. This is the earthly predicament. Yet it is a beautiful predicament. For you have the Freedom to transform your life. At any moment. Won't you begin now? There is a real world of beauty, love, harmony peace. What Reality are you relating to?"

The Pathway to Illumination by Robert Adams taught from his unique personal experience, embraces the following eight fundamental Pathways. As you begin to experience gentle inner illumination, you begin to associate yourself with your original spiritual nature, rather than your physical-human limitations.

You begin to naturally practice the pure fundamentals he emanates. "Begin at the beginning." Revered by what Robert Adams refers to as fundamental precepts of "all true religions" of the world. The result is a "Direct experience of God", resulting in extended periods of peace, an awakening of loving kindness, compassion, humility and a realization of a sense of brotherhood with all. Living in natural spiritual integrity, one's life is guided by The Power That Knows the Way.

"The happiness comes bubbling up. A lasting, authentic new happiness that includes all of life. The happiness of this life, with a loved one, a beautiful sunset, a selfless act, is real, yet it is a glimmer of the eternal indescribable joy that never fades. You must acquire a sense of brotherhood with all of humanity."




Enjoy an Introduction and deepening of the Premier Topics of Robert Adams Teaching, Personal Experience, and Methods. The joy of a direct experience of his original Teaching directives below. The Robert Adams Original Path of Classic Illumination. The Daily Methods. The Foundation. The Guidance. The Peace.


Love Eternal

“True Love Never Changes.”
Robert Adams Answers Questions on Jesus.

Compassion is your True Nature.
"Jesus is the master of compassion. If everyone did what Jesus taught, everyone would be illumined. Yet who is willing to do this? Be compassionate to all. Be full of mercy. Forgive Everyone. Forgive yourself. Selflessly serve others. Feed the hungry, visit the lonely, you will be blessed immeasurably. This is the Supreme Path of Compassion. This is our True Nature.”...More/Video

Robert Adams methods

“Be joyous, full of good cheer. If you truly experiencing God, you are filled with joy, for this is the nature of God.

You do not ignore others pain, you awaken the joy that is eternal, unchanging, all pervading, within everyone. Joy, happiness, this is your true nature. This is your origin. Worship God with happiness. ...More/Video

Non- Harm

"There is no spirituality without compassion. Compassion is your true nature. Therefore, ¬†live in the path of non- harm, Ahimsa, to all living beings. Be merciful. Your job is to become a conduit of gentle loving kindness in this earthly embodiment. Regardless of what is occurring in the world around you, remain in the unchanging all pervading Reality of compassion, loving kindness. Happiness ensues.” Robert Adams. ...More/Video



Bubbling over with thankfulness.

"Try to be bubbling over with thankfulness for this life you have been pre -ordained to receive. To take birth in this human embodiment, to be able to unfold, really progress in this lifetime, is a great boon. It is very auspicious. Somewhere you have earned this. So rejoice in this freedom. Utilize this freedom. Honor this freedom. Enjoy this divine freedom to unfold beautifully each and every day-in the glory of The Supreme. It is all up to you.

If you feel you can be thankful for nothing else, thank God every day for this gift. Something will begin to happen. Humility will arise. Happiness will begin to arise. For this is the unchanging nature of your Self. You will begin to notice the wonder, the glory and Splendor of this world. In the meantime, expand this thankfulness to those that have nothing. Become a living embodiment of kindness. Assistance to others, and you will tap into this happiness of the heart center within you.

You are not passive. You become a conduit of the alleviation of the suffering of others; you will be lifted up to a higher consciousness. Trust in the supremacy of Goodness. Today, surround yourself with the pure and lovely, the gentle things of this world, and be thankful for them. God is taking care of you.

The Power That Knows THe Way

You must have a higher vision than what you see. Dive deeper. Find the eternal Light behind the temporal events. When despondency arises, say to God, "I am bubbling over with thankfulness!" You will laugh at yourself. See the world with the wonder of a child. Identify with this. This is Reality. You are taken care of very well indeed. How does the earth know to grow food? How do the birds know where to fly?

There is a Power That Knows The Way that created you and is guiding your life.
Therefore, be thankful.


Robert Adams Infinity Institute is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3)

Robert Adams personally established and named his own Institute as the pure presentation of his Message in love, compassion and humility, honoring the classic ethical and moral precepts of spiritual unfoldment. For over five decadesthe Robert Adams Institute has provided literature, recordings, videos and spiritual upliftment worldwide. In addition the Robert Adams Benevolence Project has provided food, clothing and toys to homeless children rooted in the foundation of love, compassion and humility.

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How do you know a spiritual person?

His famed extemporaneous Discourses introducing his own terminologies, sharing his personal mystical experiences, permeated India prior to the United States. With touching grace, ethereal compassion, humor and a rare purity of heart, his three decades of transmitted, completely extemporaneous Messages creates an instant elevation within the listener, suddenly perceiving the divine presence of love as if gently awakening.

A rarity, Robert Adams is famed for taking off his own shoes to hand to homeless individuals approaching him."How you know a spiritual person? They are full of loving kindness. Graciousness. Truth.Benevolence. Gentleness. They respect other people with kindness." Robert Adams accepted students donation for each Dialogue. 'These are for students. For those here deeply called from within, ponder one each month preferably, with all your heart, in humility and love. Don't forget the love. If you dive into this with all of your heart, the happiness will come bubbling up. This has been my experience. Try it. See if it works for you.'.


The direct blessings, presence and sweet nectar of this gentle American Sage is transmitted through his timeless rich transmissions, "to those able to comprehend the Truth. , collecting information for head knowledge, desiring to be teachers. they have no understanding of the origins of the culture, of humility, loving kindness.' Robert AdamsPeace Be With You.

For over three decades Robert Adams introduced to original Teaching of The Eternal Now, of the deepest spiritual illumination, devotion, to the West, in a 'bright and shining' contemporary, traditional suburban family life honoring the ancient purity of classic spirituality.




The depths of happiness: A Radiance Emerges (Ponderings) by Robert Adams

"No matter what happens to you, never forget who you really are. Happiness, Compassion are your True Nature. So many people ask me why they have been on a spiritual path for so long and do not seem to be making much progress. It is because their compassion is not big enough."

" By doing these gentle practices everyday, becoming gracious and humble, the happiness will come bubbling up. You will be immersed in a peace beyond understanding. Suffering will subside."

"The Silence does not mean not to talk. The Silence is Happiness. It is an internal Realization."

"This (holiday) is a very auspicious time. People all over the world are thinking about God. This is a powerful time. Therefore be of good cheer. Increase your practices. Rejoice in the glory and the splendor. Become more compassionate. Become benevolent. Selfless.


"Never forget the most important thing; love, compassion, humility. Without this one cannot progress." ' Within you is unimaginable beauty. Within you is the light of a thousand suns. Let the true sun shine forth!"

Give to others, asking nothing in return. It does not matter what reaction you receive. Feed the hungry, visit the housebound. Bring joy to the children. Celebrate. Ask others what you can do to make their lives easier. Become a living embodiment of loving kindness. For this is really your true nature. This is who You really are. The world has just covered it up.

It is up to you to awaken this nature.Thus, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus is the master of compassion. Love for your brother, as your Self. For they are one and the same. Therefore you find joy in bringing joy to others. You find Grace. Do this humbly. In a practical manner. And you begin to unfold. A radiance emerges. You see the holidays with the wonder of a child. And you will feel a holiness. A great peace."

"Never believe that you can continue hurting others, having tempers, and experience true peace. Happiness. Surrender those things up to God. Become familiar with spiritual principles."

"Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns. Unimaginable Beauty. Peace Unchanging. Unalloyed Happiness. Compassion. This is Your Original Nature. Your True Self. You Are Here To Emanate, to Experience This In Your LifeI. This LIfe May Be a Dream, But It Can Be a Joyful One."

"Spend time daily in the beauty, the peace, the glory of nature. Here, you will feel The Supreme. The beauty of the true Self within. "
Robert Adams




An Ancient Way for Modern Day. Offering A Bright Daily Refuge Of Peace, Compassion, Well Being and Love.

A Classic Teaching of Traditional Inner Illumination Honoring the Ancient Precepts of Ethical Spirituality Within the Foundation of the Pure Form Personal Experience of Beloved Robert Adams


In times of outer uncertainty, a solid refuge of deep peace, compassion and guided personal experience of the Presence of God anchors one in Truth, unchanging security. The internationally beloved teacher of classic inner illumination through love, compassion and humility, Robert Adams is the sole Western spiritual master of international reverence, teaching his personal experience upon request in the classic tradition of joyful inner Illumination for over thirty years.

Through the path of peace and compassion within the cultural context of ancient ethical precepts, his roots in mystic Christianity provides a supernal insight through direct experience of this truth. Classes, Podcasts, Videos, Personal Counsel, Concerts, The Original Pure Form Lessons. His self established and named Infinity Institute lineage teaches his original message 'for generations to come'.

Through his own gentle experiences, original meditations, Dialogues, personal life guidance honoring the Golden Rule, he offers 'a direct experience of the love of God.' His self established Institute assures his pure Message by those he selected, devotedly spending a lifetime within his Presence.

"If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now?" Robert Adams

The internationally revered gentle sage offers only his personal experience in illumination, in a modern day reality adhering to classic universal, ancient roots of powerful ethical precepts. Unaffiliated at any time with any groups or teachers during his teaching, this gentle family man spoke only a few hours a week publicly, counseling hundreds in the rare personal experience of an eternal unchanging joy and peace.

The Pure Teaching of Robert Adams constitutes his shared personal experience, and is presented solely by his selected Inst. Teachers, lineage, Established Institute.

"Happiness is Your True Nature. Happiness is the Substratum of Your Existence."

"Peace. Peace. Peace."




"Never Forget the Most Important Thing, Love, Compassion and Humility."

Robert Adams is the sole American confirmed and honored in an ancient lineage as a true illumined sage by the great saint Ramana Maharshi, featured as the teacher in the vintage film, The Razors Edge. Conveying an ancient wisdom for modern times, his uniquely powerful transmissions of a palpable peace, his ethereal nature and warm benevolent kindness endear him to thousands.

A devoted family man, tenderly dedicating himself to his family for the majority of his life, his love of children, laughter and selfless dedication to others shines as the keynote in the practical application of his Teaching to all.

"The person who has been touched by God is the first person to get in there and help others. Feed the hungry, help the poor, for this is the nature of God. Within you is Unimaginable Beauty. Discover this today. Dive deeply into the peace that does not change. Do this every morning upon awakening and just before sleep. Here you will find refuge in That Peace Eternal.

Here you will find the Unimaginable Beauty. It will last longer and longer until one day, it never leaves you." May this bright daily refuge be a rich source of Truth, peace, love and guidance in your life."

"Peace. Peace. Peace." 



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The Robert Adams Infinity Institute is a Non-profit 501 (c)(3)  

"Our mission on this earth is to be of service to humanity"

"If the end result of illumination is love, Compassion and humility,
what if we were to do that now?"
Robert Adams.


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