Welcome to The Robert Adams Infinity Institute Celebrating Eighteen Years of Joyful Teaching in Brotherhood, Unity and Spiritual Integrity as Personally Established by Robert Adams in Life Long Prophecy

The Pure Form Teaching of the Beloved American Spiritual Master Robert Adams

Internationally beloved Sage, "The St. Francis of the West";The Pure Form Message. In joyous preservation of his personal experience of 'An Unimaginable Beauty" through the ancient Vedas and Christian Mysticism, Robert Adams presents his authentic unique Illumination of practical gentle methods that bring one into the Presence of God, in which "all true faiths and religions" are founded in commonality and brotherhood. A brilliant direct experience of joy for the Western contemporary seeker, Robert Adam, who personally copyright his own multi layered experience within his own Institute for generations to come, in his detailed and specific gentle guidance precisely as originally taught to his three decade Inner Circle, originating in Indian temples and American university group The original teacher of the Eternal Now and "Stillness" tradition, his uncompromising Truth, humor, tender warmth and adherence to the traditional classic mores, have endeared him to thousands for over forty years, as his guides one "To unfold as a flower" in love.

Established by Robert Adams, The Robert Adams Infinity Institute has been an active teaching and publishing institute in good standing since 1997. The pureform original teaching of Robert Adams enjoys a four decade global studentship transmitting the message of joyful, illuminated living in the spiritual integrity of brotherhood..

"This is a very auspicious time. People all over the world are thinking of God. Rejoice and be of good cheer."



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Welcome.... Peace be with you. The Illumined Life. The Direct Experience of Classic Illumination. Ancient Way for Modern Day

Joy. Harmony. Transcendence. A gentle direct experience in eternal Truth, Illumination, Peace, Joy, Brotherhood.

"I am not a guru. This has been my experience. Try it and see if it works for you. Peace. Peace. Peace.".........lkWECLOME TO THE JOYFUL PURE FORM ORIGINAL TEACHING OF BEVLOVED TEACHER ROBERT ADAMS. "OUR MISSION ON THIS EARTH IS TO BE OF SERVICE TO HUMANITY." The 18 Yr. Robert Adams Institute

keloved Robert Adams founded and developed his Robert Adams Infinity Institute in great dedication and loving presence amidst his prophecies shared in The Golden Tribute movie, selecting his teachers in assistance to his own lineage, the sole person ever teaching with this gentle master, as his sole vehicle "For generations to come." in the pure preservation and teaching of his pure, original life long works. In gentle demonstration amidst his Inner Circle the gentle seer drew the ancient 'infinity' sign as his selected name to his lineage to explain that there is only love, no ending, "There is only infinity", establishing the sequential order of his lessons and the full bloom of his Teaching of "Omniscient Love" amidst those who spent a lifetime in daily life with him in joyful brotherhood. A daily experience in true peace, pure love.


The Beloved Teacher of Love, Compassion and Humility Invented, Titled, and Originated His Personal Experience of THE GAP* In His Early Teaching.

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A NEW REALITY- The Methods - 3 CD Experience in The Pure Form Original Teaching of Robert Adams


Always warm, filled with laughter, humor, music, joy, bubble blowing and beauty, Robert Adams three decades of Talks were never held in complete silence, but in a celebration of "The Supreme Omnipresent Love in Brotherhood and Compassion", emphasizing three sections: The Discourse, Robert Adams Music and Chant, and Introductions of the Meditations and Practices including The I AM Meditation, Chant, Inquiry, and the Assertations. "Say these every morning the moment you wake up. I Am Bright and Shining Like the Sun." This Three CD Experience enfolds one in the complete experience of Robert Adams. The Chants performed live for over fourteen years for Home Practice, The Daily Meditations and Assertations and Discourse, the Heart of the Master. 'The Silence is simply an interior Realization. Happiness." Robert Adams hundreds of vintage music recordings in collection are shared in the Candlelight Video/Reality Series.

A New Reality

" Peace. Love. Transcendence. Compassion. I am calling you to a Higher Vision. I am calling you to a New Reality. " Robert Adams. There is a bright and glorious Reality that is your true home. All suffering subsides. All fear dissolves. All separation is revealed as illusion. Everyone is your brother and sister. All of humanity are your family. Everything is revealed as bright and shining. Splendor and Glory. Pure and whole. You understand why everything that appeared to happen to you happened. You see beyond this brief life journey into eternity. You have become a part of the omniscient love. The divine plan is revealed. And YOU are THAT.

What Is a Spiritual Path?

So many people come to me and announce that they have been on a spiritual path for a long time. Others ask me, “Robert, what is a spiritual path really? And what does this have to do with Ultimate Reality?’ A true spiritual path, an authentic spiritual path, is simply the directions to your true home. You true state. You have been visiting a foreign land, a land of mirages. And you have completely identified with these mirages, as you. If you wish to go somewhere, you must go to someone who knows how to get there. Emanating ethereal peace, humor and unceasing goodwill, Robert Adams is the sole modern American illumined spiritual teacher of over forty years, originating his own powerfully beautiful experience, as a rare Master Teacher of an established stature personally confirmed in pure spiritual stature through an established ancient formal lineage, the revered gentle Saint Ramana Maharshi, featured in the classic vintage film The Razors Edge. The first introducing a new orientation to America he states " I only teach my own experience." Introducing The Eternal Now, The Gap, Boundless Space, and the original foundation for current 'neo' or 'afterward' pop literature and philosophies, his unusually kind hearted, ethereal and healing presence embracing pure precepts of integrity has been established in India for generations. Lives throughout the world continue to be transformed in the discovery of this gentle Sage of love, compassion and humility, presenting the classic spiritual ethics/morals in a seamless traditional family life in the West.

"I Welcome You With All My Heart. Peace. Peace. Peace. Always Strive for Peace, Love, Above All."

A deeply loved, altruistic and genteel modern day Sage, Robert Adams simply shares his own personal non denominational stunning experience in transcendent deep illumined happiness through lies circumstances, anchored in "The Unimaginable Beauty Within." A foremost example for daily modern Western life, the great Master Teacher Robert Adams, a warm, deeply devoted family man, the beloved Sage lovingly raised eight children, residing in the active contemporary life of the modern American suburbs, teaching a few sole hours a week through extemporaneous Discourses of moving transformation, offers his own uniquely personal experience of the ancient truths of classic wisdom; that of returning to the original All Pervading state of omniscient peace, love and inner illumination, in alignment with the foundational beauty of traditional spiritual integrity. "You must develop a sense of brotherhood with all humanity In the tradition of great Way showers, Robert Adams established his own copyright works in his personal Institute and lineage following years of preparation, 'To teach for generations to come.'

"Within you is a Great Magnificence. An Unimaginable Beauty beyond description. Discover this today."

"I began in mystic Christianity." Robert Adams has been sought out for decades in personal counsel and guidance by the worlds well- known contemporary teachers, seekers, theologians and religious leaders. His universal Message of modern Illumination through compassion is honored universally. Called 'the Nike saint' he regularly gives his own shoes to the homeless approaching him, along with personal care in assisting all in suffering in practical applications. personally establishing The Robert Adams Benevolence Project for children and his own Infinity Institute as the sole source of The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams in a joyfully established format of Lessons. An established philanthropist quietly devoted to the welfare of animals and children, his unique foundation of compassion as the eternal unchanging nature of our true selves, is honored through practical action, providing a modern day example of spirituality.

"Your job is to become a living embodiment of loving kindness in this lifetime. You will sail through this life."

Robert Adams began in mystical Christianity. His deep warmth, gentle humor and seamless emanation of a permanent peace that permeates all of life has transformed the lives of individuals from all walks of life for generations, through the joy and goodwill of brief weekly extemporaneous talks, books and lessons that quickly became internationally renowned for their instant, dramatic upliftment into an ethereal, love- permeated awareness. "The room fills with an innocent realization of brotherly love and a child like, refreshing innocence." Consistent he a lings and mystical experiences in an all pervading omniscient love remain personal documented narratives shared by audience members for decades.

"Within You Is The Light Of A Thousand Suns. Let The True Sun Shine Forth!"

In a peace- based powerful sequence of multi- layered instructional guidance, Robert Adams encourages all to embrace delightful, peace awakening daily practices, deep personal study of the uplifting, inspirational, Dialogues, offering pure clarification from those personally authorised by Robert Adams in an awakening of joy. His shining unchanging peace and kindliness through the common human experiences of vibrant health and illness, amid his unceasing daily vibrant teaching, provides a rare inspiration of the light within as eternally victorious through all outer experiences and appearances. "Develop a sense of brotherhood with all humanity. As you are unfolding spread sunshine to all you meet. Ask others what you can do to make their lives easier." Robert Adams

"The Universe Lays Waiting In Sweet Repose For You To Discover Who You Really Are."

Effervescent, magnanimous, humorous and filled with the complete joy and laughter of life,Robert Adams rare gift of modern sensibilities in uncompromising purity extols him as a rare example of the possibility of living the ancient Truths in the Illuminated Life. Surrounded by laughing children, this globally revered Master Teacher is devoted to the protection of animals and children, leading large, happy celebrations extolling the jewels of Truth in a natural and friendly, deeply welcoming manner of sincerity and goodwill, clarifying the joy of life accessible to everyone. His love of the ocean, participation in local city concert cultural events and contribution to humanitarian groups reflect his practical compassion."You must be a good person to begin to unfold. This is fundamental. Therefore, live by the golden rule."

"So many people ask me why they have been on a spiritual path for so long and do not seem to be making much progress. It is because their compassion is not big enough."

" By doing these gentle practices everyday, becoming gracious and humble, the happiness will come bubbling up. You will be immersed in a peace beyond understanding. Suffering will subside."

"The Silence does not mean not to talk. The Silence is Happiness.
It is an internal Realization."






Robert Adams "Happiness is the Substratum of Your Existence."kh

Warning: Spontaneous Happiness May Occur!


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"Never forget the most important thing; love, compassion, humility. Without this one cannot progress."

' Within you is unimaginable beauty. Within you is the light of a thousand suns. Let the true sun shine forth!"

" No matter what happens to you, never forget who you really are. Happiness, Compassion are your True Nature." 

The beloved Sage Robert Adams is attributed with introducing this path to America. He established his personal Institute in 1996 for the sole Transmission of his unique, joyous personal Message of transcending pain for the joyful life, in a 'Bright and Shining' application of ancient wisdom through contemporary life. He teaches in the formal Sage- Student established, precise format of Discourse, always sitting on the stage/ podium, prior to illness of the body, emerging with a warm welcoming delight of disarming innocence, a power beyond our human sphere rooted in a deep, unchanging supreme peace. His regular inclusion of music in his talks included his favorite. "What a Wonderful World.", chant, jazz and hymn. Tenderly organized and disseminated with a student placed donation box for all Dialogues, His personal experiences are taught in his original pure Discourse titles by The Robert Adams Lineage as presented for over three decades including;


His famed extemporaneous Discourses introducing his own terminologies, sharing his personal mystical experiences, permeated India prior to the United States. With touching grace, ethereal compassion, humor and a rare purity of heart, his three decades of transmitted, completely extemporaneous Messages creates an instant elevation within the listener, suddenly perceiving the divine presence of love as if gently awakening. A rarity, Robert Adams never charges for his presence, and is famed for taking off his own shoes to hand to homeless individuals approaching him."How you know a spiritual person? They are full of loving kindness. Graciousness. Truth. Benevolence. Gentleness. They respect other people with kindness." Robert Adams accepted students donation for each Dialogue. 'These are for students. For those here deeply called from within, ponder one each month preferably, with all your heart, in humility and love. Don't forget the love. If you dive into this with all of your heart, the happiness will come bubbling up. This has been my experience. Try it. See if it works.'

Required Legal Disclaimer; per your wise discernment in guided awareness, see disclaimer at foot of this page in clarification of non-affiliation.

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Welcome! A Gentle Sanctuary of Daily Guidance and Refreshment in the Immersion of Peace and Spiritual Integrity.

Peace be with you. Welcome to The Robert Adams International Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living.

Teaching The Pure Form Original Teaching of Robert Adams through his classes and lesson studentship.


 "If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that Now?" Robert Adams




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“The Truth of the Matter”

If your mind was on God,
You would never even feel like hurting anybody else. You cannot. It is impossible. 
We think that we can keep our mind on God, and this gives us license to do whatever we want. The Truth of the matter is, if you kept your mind on God, and you were really in God, involved in God completely, what we call God, which is Absolute Reality, which is Consciousness, you would never even feel like hurting anybody else.
You Have Surrendered to That Which is Divine. Your Life Becomes a Blessing
You can not hurt anybody else.

It is impossible. It is virtually impossible to hurt another human being if your mind is stayed on  God; it means that you have Surrendered completely,  totally, absolutely to That which is divine, sacred, which is your *SELF. You have turned within, and given it all up to God. Therefore, your life becomes a blessing. If you can do it, truly do this, not make a statement and talk about it, but truly Surrender yourself so completely that you have nothing to think about, nothing to say (about it) you are giving yourself away to the Universal Intelligence absolutely; then you will find that things will work themselves out totally and completely.
You Will Be Divinely Guided. Every move that you make will be divinely inspired. Every step that you take will be Divinely Guided.

   Life is Eternal

“ Life is eternal. True Love is eternal. However, your job here is to preserve life. This life is sacred. It is a rare opportunity to progress. Celebrate this life while you are here with love and joy. Respect the sanctity of all life. Become a living embodiment of selfless love. ” 
Robert Adams

"If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now?"

Love. Joy. Transcendence. Peace. The Illumined Life. The Mediations, Music and Direct Guidance.

The Direct Lineage of Four Decade Master Teacher and Beloved Sage Robert Adams in live and online classes, pure form format.

"Robert Adams is the only world recognized Illumined Teacher of the West in our century."

India Literary Review Journal 1999

"Within You is Unimaginable Beauty. Within you is The light of a thousand suns. Let the true sun shine forth." "




A Warm Welcome from Prem Devi, original thirty yr. student, transcriber and personal assistant, and Dr. Blake Warner Director of the Institute

"I welcome you with all my heart.'

Explore a few heightened moments of beauty, bliss and refreshment here in the warm presence of Robert Adams timeless beauty, or dive deeply into his directed order of immersion 'in order to experience the fruit of your effort', in a gentle pre directed instructional of his grace and blessings.

Among his premier lifetime Inner Circle students are prominent priests, well known spiritual teachers, quiet humanitarians, Sufi leaders and followers of his advised classic rather than the modern day interpretations of the Golden Path of Advaita. "This means that you have a beautiful inner realization that your true Self is Omniscient Love. And you act accordingly at all times. This is beautiful." Robert Adams inner Circle and lifetime students selected by Robert Adams to teach and present the Teaching in the true presence and spirit of his daily guidance welcome you in joy.

The Robert Adams Brotherhood Classes and Community

Robert Adams teaches solely his experiences in a remarkable, richly hued kind hearted life radiating peace through unusual vibrant radiant health and later physical challenges, ever the same, "full of loving kindness."

As the revered Way showers of the era establishing their experiences upon request, including Sri Vivekananda and Sri Yogananda, Robert Adams copyrighted his own personal writings of his unique life experience in the traditions of the premiere Way teachers, particularly in the West forming their own Institutes in order to maintain the original purity as precisely presented in timeless truth through social changes, blessing future generations through their selected teachers and each generational lineage. "I teach only my personal experience. I am not a guru. You have asked me to share my experience with you. Try it and see if it works for you. The happiness will come bubbling up. Never forget the most important thing; love, compassion and humility. His lifelong humanitarian works, three premiere studentship groups, and ethereal peace shine light on modern life.

"Trust In The Supremacy of Goodness."




Congratulations to our dear Melanie Warner on her recent marriage with rich blessings. Festivities held in Malibu California were enjoyed by all. 'Thank you to my radiant, well wishing friends and students for all your emails and cards. Peace and happiness returned manifold!"

Welcome to Robert Adams Eternal Love, with Melanie Warner M.A. Teaching the Beautiful Meditations and Assertions of Robert Adams in Original Pure Format Class Series assisting the lineage of Robert Adams as established personally by Robert Adams. "My grandchildren and great grandchildren will purely teach my Teaching in a more evolved time. People will be more receptive to peace. More evolved." Melanie Warner teaches the Pure Form Original Teaching and invites you to daily refreshment in the eternal truths through Robert Adams favorite divine flowers and scenery accompanied by jewels of potent transformation in You Tube and Pinterest.Request Mellies holiday class schedule for Bethesda Maryland 2014.

"Within You is Unimaginable Beauty." Click here for Link to Mels Robert Adams You Tube Video Meditations.




The Yearning for Freedom



STILLNESS (The Power of Stillness)

Be As A Flower

The Inner Boundless Space


The Three Virtues:

Love, Compassion Humility

The Dreamer and the Dream


The Teaching of Jesus


The Body Mind Phenomena

Consciousness ('Consciousness is Happiness)

Happiness This Moment

Silence of the Heart






Light of the Sage:

Delightfully Moving, Powerful Twenty Years With Beloved Robert Adams in His Joyful family Compound, The Sages Christian Mystical Spiritual European Roots, Akasha Monastic Living Prior to The Teaching, The Unimaginable Beauty Discourses in Format.

Beautiful Interview with Laila in Women of Light Television Documentary Video Release



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The Robert Adams Original Pure Form I AM Meditations


"This Is The Most Powerful Meditation I Have Given."
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