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Peace. Happiness. Fulfillment. Security.


"Within you is the Light of a Thousand Suns. Let the True Sun Shine Forth!"


"Do this Practices until you feel the deep peace within you. The Bliss. Pure Bliss is your birthright. This is a practical Teaching. You should be able to experience, to really really feel, this deep bliss everyday. Your entire life will change. Everything is illuminated. You will perceive the deep omniscient love, the compassion, the bliss that is permeating all of life. It is up to you to find this. This has been my experience."


The only Western Master of Illumination honored globally in purity of spiritual stature, a classical Master Teacher and his path to inner illumination honored by the worlds orthodox and New Thought paths for decades.


Responding to requests for his own personal experience in attaining an ethereal unchanging peace, compassion and joy, The Master Spiritual Teacher and lineage of the Compassionate Heart of Advaita, the sole American teacher revered internationally as a true master confirmed in spiritual lineage, Robert Adams uniquely relays his own personal experience in the ancient ancient authentic path of Illumination, the light of the true Self.


Known internationally as "The St. Francis of the West," Robert Adams resided in the family oriented ocean centered suburbs of California devoted to the 'householder' role of a Western family man in the traditional classic Vedic lifestyle path for over forty years. Following his confirmed stature with Ramana Maharshi he remains prominent in reverence within the classic spiritual traditions for his unwavering dedication to ahimsa or non harm, promoting vegetarian diet, animal rescue and preservation societies, in a culture that remained uninvolved in this aspect of authentic, ancient spiritual awakening.


Deeply beloved for his children's protection organizations in 'selfless service to humanity', he is famed for his disarming humility and kindness, regularly taking the shoes off of his feet and handing them to street residents - the hungry and homeless-throughout the city. Robert Adam's stellar stature of spiritual integrity and original truth teaching, provided humbly from his own experience, is and was not affiliated with any other teachings or self appointed groups, rejecting all requests for such. He taught only with his daughter as shared in The Golden Tribute classic video. In a genteel response to global inquiries, Robert Adams received requests to speak due to his dramatically impacting deep peace and loving kindness, sharing other worldly realizations which he transmitted to the 'common man and saint alike'. Spending his days in dedicated counsel to appointments globally reserved by students and teachers alike, he responds to inquiries in the realization of ancient interior illumination in modern day life, emphasizing "The direct experience of God" in priority.


"Happiness is the substratum of your existence. This happiness is unchanging." Adhering to traditional values and morals in the tradition of 'all true religions', he is the sole Westerner, sage and master revered by orthodox Eastern and Western traditions for decades for his humility and traditional statutes, beloved by both Catholic priests as lifelong students as well as Eastern teachers, as the original Western Teacher of Illumination and founder of his own path prior to contemporary books, interpretations of similar sounding unrelated precepts. "I welcome you with all my heart. This has been my experience. Try it and see if it works for you."


His original Practices, extemporaneous Discourses, deeply warm hearted gentility and ethereal peace in stunning transmission have peacefully transformed lives for decades for modern seekers of Truth. Welcome to Robert Adams Original Teaching. Peruse The Lessons, Practices, Music, Service Project, Aids and Classes.

"Our mission on this earth is to be of service to humanity. To alleviate the suffering of others." Enjoy The Teaching link below for an introduction to the Sage.


"An easy way to begin to feel the happiness of God in your life is to sing and chant with all your heart every morning and evening. Read more on Robert Adams teaching


This  lifts you above this world. You may sing from any faith, just sing and chant to God with all your heart everyday and this will purify you, bring holiness, happiness."

the Ponderings

New! Spring Ladies Online Meditation and Music Master Class Series. II June


the Music

Robert Adams always selects live music to accompany his live Dialogues. He includes his favorite live performance as he sings along to the St. Francis Chant below exemplifying his teaching: Non Harm to all.


This music and other live chants are available on The New Reality Three CD Set for personal home use in daily joyful song.


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Robert Adams

Robert Adams

The Internationally
Renowned Spiritual Master Sage of Illumined Living Through Love, Compassion and Humility.


link here: A special welcome from Mrs. Adams

Below Robert Adams sings along with The St. Francis song at his public talk. The New Reality Meditation CD below ponders the transmissions in a special ladies meditation.

The gentle Sage of peace, Robert Adams is the only American Master Teacher of a authentic ancient lineage, acknowledged globally for five decades. Robert Adams on the necessity of warm heartedness as a pre-requisite to joy, introducing his personal Institute as his sole dissemination of his Pure Form Original Message, offering a rare inspirational example for modern Westerners as one embracing the role of suburban householder.

If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now?

A modern American family man, his beloved wife by his side, his emphasis on peaceful compassion in the traditional classical precepts of Illumination endear him to thousands. He relays his own personal experience as his Teaching. Introducing The Eternal Now, The Gap, The I AM Meditation to the West prior to any previous cultural exposure, his kindliness and emanation of peace attracted audiences.

"You Are Eternal." You are far beyond the temporal experience that is appearing in ever changing events. How to realize and directly experience this deeply beautiful reality? This is the path of illumination. "Do these practices daily, and the happiness will come bubbling up. This world will lose its hold on you." The sequential, multi- layered Teaching is guided by Robert Adams through is Lessons, Practices, and deeply joyful, beautiful guidance on daily life events and choices in accordance with The Power That Knows the Way.

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the Love

You are Eternal   Light on the Path

The Boundless Space Systemgf



copyright Robert Adams



“When I use the word Space, I am referring to pure Consciousness. God. Bliss. Love. This is the Space within and without everything. Everything is Boundless Space. Pure Divine Perfection. The Supreme. By doing these things, you will really feel this, really realize Boundless Space for yourself. This will free you to rise above your mental limitations. For you are not a mere weak human being. YOU are All -Pervading."


 The Boundless Space Discourseswere originally recorded by Robert Adams over twenty five years ago, distributed in India through pamphlets, and constituted many of his recent Talks. The Boundless Space course consists of the original Dialogues, Meditations, Ponderings and more.


Assistance to Animals  

Victims of Nepal


While assisting humans hurt by earthquake, remember that animals have been left helpless....


NEW: Lesson Student Reunion Bandhara

All graduate Lesson Students reserve your evening for the online Christmas reunion; music, discourse.



New Release


A New Reality

There is a world of love, happiness, peace, compassion, that is eternal, unchanging. What reality are you identifying with? A rich,rare resource of the original practices, meditations,directives.

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The Gap

Robert Adams originated his title 'The Gap Teaching' audio and books distributed and much loved throughout India and the U.S. for several decades. The Gap: The Fourth Dimension of Life constitutes one of his most requested topics of experiential application. Dr. Charmane Punjab, a lifetime dedicated student of Robert Adams will be presenting The Gap Teaching of Robert Adams in Georgetown D.C. throughout March with Dr. Warner.

The Liberation Practice Series; Robert Adams Original Gap Teaching
The Gap - The Fourth Dimension of Life Dialogues and Practices as transcribed in the book "A New Reality."

The Fourth Dimension of Life as experienced by Robert Adams is a chapter in the new reality in his complete explanation. also Known as the 'gap 'is captured below in Roberts own audio video.

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Happiness This Moment


Happiness This Moment

Happiness is your true nature. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. The essential foundation of divine reality of the unchanging nature of the joy within.

Prem Devi Ponders reflections on Robert Adams teaching on happiness. Enjoy an original 40 year students experience, selected by Robert Adams in assistance. Prem Devi shares daily application.

Read personal PDF narrative by Prem Devi here


Robert Adams excerpts from Happiness

You will become bright and shining.
You will become an asset to humanity.
You will give only loving kindness.

Happiness is the substratum of your existence. It is eternal and unchanging. By doing these practices every day the happiness will come bubbling up. Robert

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 The Power That Knows the Waygf


New Online Studentship Courses. Four Week Sequel  June 9, 2015

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copyright Robert Adams


“When you surrender your anger, confusion, sadness, cynicism, gossip, selfishness, to The Power That Knows The Way, you will find that you begin to sail through life. You are guided to making the correct decision in all life circumstances. This is a very practical Teaching. You will see results in your life. Suffering subsides. You find yourself in harmonious situations. You attract people full of loving kindness. You are lead to environments conducive to inner progression. Yet you must decide to do this all the way, to do these practices everyday. To change for the better. When you jump into God, Bliss Consciousness, through adhering to this surrender to The Supreme, you will be guided. Protected. For there is a Power That Knows the Way that will lift you up. You are protected.”


Over thirty eight years ago Robert Adams originated The Power That Knows the Way and The Current That Knows the Way Teaching, offering several dozen Dialogues in pamphlet format and live recordings. A favorite and most beautiful offering of ‘sunshine within your heart’ that explains in great precision and detail the workings of the universal law of underlying guidance available to all.














Required Disclaimer:



The Boundless Space and The Power that knows the way are original Robert Adams teachings. Topic and title, copyrighted by Robert Adams to be disseminated solely in pure preserved format by himself and  his Institute. The Boundless Space is not affiliated with any other teacher, author, or individual. Any Boundless Space presentations, claims, workshops, retreats, media presentations. Attempted affiliations or talks constitute copyright violation per the precepts and copyrights of Robert Adams and are fraudulent, subject to customary legal protocol. Legal notification posted on news site.. Thank you for your many kind inquiries.

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