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"True Love Never Changes."


Robert Adams amid his beloved wife of over 48 years, always together and holding hands, pictured here in rarely casual desert attire, touring the parks of Arizona while visiting Sedona upon request by students.

Married in a large, traditional formal church wedding, Robert Adams selected an opera singer performing Ave Maria for his wedding ceremony. Uninvolved with 'alternative' groups, teachers and religions of the day, Robert Adams provides a rare contemporary example of devoted family life in modern times while emanating the depth of ancient wisdom from his 'personal experiences'. His fatherly guidance melded with an ethereal, stunningly deep peace and awareness of ones true heart, defining an environment of gentility that blossomed around him.

“You must have a direct experience of God. You cannot do this without a warm heart, without loving kindness.”


This beloved teacher lives his life deeply devoted to his family in the gated community of Encino and Hill suburbs of Los Angeles. Robert Adams dedicates himself to raising his own children and relatives children left parentless, carrying on an extended family in the Vedic tradition of family life or 'householder' role, always residing together or next door in their gated community for his entire life. A known philanthropist supporting the arts and animal welfare, Robert Adams rose at sunrise, walked for miles, then accepted international counseling appointments of up to one year in advance, arranged by his lovely wife.

Her legendary guiding warmth, jovial nature, and rare, unconditional personal welcome of those in need, nurturing and caring counseling of women, young mothers in need into her home, and emotionally neglected children includes many students and deep lifelong guidance in the East Indian community of original students. In nurturing hospitality exemplary of "The Guest is God", her evening feasts and welcome to international students includes the formal English teas of her childhood, raised on a large British estate, and are cherished as transformative life chapters amid students. An established designer featured in Los Angeles design magazine publications, her beautiful feminine formal saree gowns and lace dresses featured in Nordstrom, Macys and most department stores for over three decades define an element of creating beautiful, exquisitely peaceful and welcoming environments for this gentle teacher and their Inner Circle lifelong group. Mrs. Adams premonition guidance is often mentioned by Robert Adams, whom she married as a teenager and devoted her life to in an honoring of mutual respect, spiritual health and pure heartedness, enabling his students to enjoy a beautiful and elegant welcome of selflessness.

"I am not a guru. You have asked me to share my experience. Try it and see if it works for you."


"I give you the practices that will enable you to have a personal experience of God. It is your choice to do this everyday or not. Most Westerners simply quote spiritual words in these types of teachings and never change themselves. They do not enjoy the happiness of their true nature. "


Deeply respectful and protective to women in a touching beauty, Robert Adams was raised by his mother and grandmother in a formally religious and ceremonial daily life. Never rebuking students, he did so quietly and gently when one spoke disrespectfully or harshly to a woman in his presence. A graciousness imbued the atmosphere around him in a relaxed, warm sense of respect for all. Raised by nuns in British convent schools

Mrs. Adams was usually seen in her sparkling lace gowns and sarees. Known for her warm, encompassing lighthearted laughter, she nurtured, guided and provides love to many troubled women and children of spiritual paths by exemplifying the fundamental virtues of putting children first and establishing a deeply loving, warm hearted benevolent environment of welcome where "The guest is God" in the ancient tradition. Mrs. Adams held satsang for several years.


"There are many people using spiritual words to correct others, walking around saying 'I am Consciousness, Space,' and so on. Correcting others. Of course if you really understood what these words meant, you would never tell others to 'wake up', or say they are in their ego. Leave others alone. Bless others. Alleviate suffering wherever you can. It is never too late to change your entire life. Will you be one who does these things everyday?"


The beautiful golden realization of the ancient Vedas become illuminated in the personal experience of this potent seer of great gentility, humor, and peace who clearly transmits a bliss permeated Truth eternal in personal experience, unveiling ‘the backdrop of Light that remains behind all temporal events.” In contemporary sensibilities, his humor, honoring of universal laws of clean ethical living, and transparent humility in refusing offers for communities and hermitages, have endeared him to generations, both in orthodox Eastern and Western traditions, a rarity in modern day spirituality.

A gentleman of philanthropic altruism, his love of music and the arts were incorporated into his weekly Talks for three decades, amid his Inner Circle lifelong group of original students, culminating in a brief nineties resurgence of public talks, amid his personal life devoted to the classic Vedic ‘householder’ family life in beautiful dedication. A devoted American husband, father and children’s/animal advocate, his emphasis on Non-Harm to all, a rare and potently beautiful path to the Eternal Peace.


“There is a world of peace, harmony, love, compassion, unimaginable beauty. This is Ultimate Reality. With which world are you identifying?”


We welcome you to visit, enjoy, perhaps dive deeper, find safe peaceful refuge “That does not change” in a world of temporal change, in love, compassion and humility. His message of attaining a classic true experience in traditional inner Illumination is currently embraced by several hundred meditation, yoga, New Thought, Mystical Christian traditions with his primary East Indian following of devout families in joyous fourth generation. A non-denominational truth teaching, his premiere students include two Catholic priests and Buddhist monks who have visited the gentle ‘St. Francis of the West’ since his early Talks, included in his original Garden Talks and The University Talks. Robert Adams established his own Institute as the sole transmission of his Teaching.


Peace Peace Peace






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